15 Unique Floor Lamps To Round Out Your Home’s Lighting

Whether it’s something funky inside the playroom or something more chic and contemporary inside the living room, when you have extra, open spaces you automatically need more light to guide the way. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered if you’re on the hunt for styles that are a bit outside-the-box of traditional home decor. These 15 unique floor lamps will round out your home’s lighting by being both functional and super fashion-forward as well!

Warisan Lighting features this stunning branched-inspired floor lamp that we were so in love with at first glance that we had to feature it here. It appeals to those with more boho styles but also those that love the feel of modern art accents hidden throughout their home. This piece is as much an art addition as it is functional.

3 bulb geo floor lamp 15 Unique Floor Lamps To Round Out Your Homes Lighting

The “Cosmos” floor lamp from Land of Nod is another modern favorite on the list. It’s chic, it’s incredible unique as it truly gives the boot to tradition and it can fit inside a variety of rooms with ease. The living room, the bedroom, or even inside your home office, it can help light the way and add a punch of contemporary styling.

Have you ever seen a floor lamp with so many layers? Over at Fantastic Viewpoint, you’ll find this beauty in all its glory. There’s something a bit more youthful and trendy about this piece. It’s definitely fit for modern spaces but can vibe well within studio apartments or even chicer dorm rooms.

Anthropologie  hit the nail on this head with this contemporary design as well. A bit on the pricier side, but with every penny, this floor lamp is an online exclusive. And pay attention to that beautiful, marble base it has – the details are what make this piece so special.

Contemporist showed off this wooden-inspired piece and we scooped it up as well. It’s got more of a modern, traditional shape but the way it’s been created holds the key to its uniqueness. This could easily make a farmhouse home a bit sleeker or a modern home a bit cozier with its blend of styles.

Modish Store have this super innovative design that we fell in love with. Not only are you getting a fabulous, farmhouse-inspired floor lamp but you’re getting one with built in side tables as well. Perfect as functional pieces in smaller spaces or as a means to display some of your favorite “artsy” accents.

For something extra youthful and fun, check out this awesome design that we found while visiting Land of Nod. Perfect for a nursery, a playroom, or just something unique to have in your craft room, this balloon floor lamp is such a great piece! And those pastel colors will blend with all kinds of neutrals and accents around the house.

For a bit of a nautical flavor, think about adding some beachy vibes in and around the house in an offbeat way. One of those ways would be with this awesome, rope-stemmed floor lamp that we found at HGTV. It’s got a traditional topping and unique, surprising body that both you and your guests will love.

This tripod floor lamp will be a fun addition to the house as well. Whether it’s in the bonus room or the movie room, it’ll be something that you’ll love to add to the spread. Check out this design and all of its details over at Pottery Barn.

Urban Outfitters helps us out on our unique floor lamp adventure with this “Kima” beauty. It has a definite casual vibe and one that’s a bit bohemian in flavor. We love the geo-shaped shade as well that meshes the entire design with a more modern style.

Add a bit of boho glam to the kids’ space with this cadiz shell design from PB Teen. Of course, this look would be great inside of a charming home office, but it’s definitely got a youthful aura that’s perfect for youthful spaces. It’s also extremely affordable, so take the leap and check it out.

Not all floor lamps have to be really tall! Just take the hint from Ikea with this “storuman” design. It’s a paper lamp that creates a soft, romantic glow in a unique way.

The bottoms of this floor lamp is where all the innovation lives. This design can be found at World Market and help to carry a modern twist around your traditional home. Those hairpin legs also pay homage to chic, vintage styling as well.

If you want to hop on over to Anthropologie you’ll be able to take a peek at this beautiful design. It’s chic, it’s modern, and it’s quite sophisticated as well. The brushed gold and sleek shape will fit in to all kinds of spaces around your contemporary home.

And finally, over at Delightfull you’ll find this beautiful, marble floor lamp. It comes in multiple finished such as copper and black, copper and black, and nickel and black. Its art deco appeal is what had us falling in love at first glance.


Luxury Kitchen Designs That Feature Waterworks

Even though most of us will spend a huge chunk of our evenings in the living room relaxing after a long day the most well used and well-loved space in a home is actually in the kitchen. There is something about being in the kitchen and having a place where everyone comes together to share a meal. Designing a kitchen that is functional yet has everything you have ever envisioned is a little more complex because of all the designing options you may come across.  Here are a few of our favorite luxury kitchen designs that feature waterworks that we think will inspire you to want to upgrade your current kitchen décor.

Rose Gold

Gray is a great color to pair with rose gold accessories. In fact. consider using multiple different shades of gray to get the most out of this color combination. Having them paired together will bring out the softer shades of gray and the richer gold tones in rose gold.

Rose gold is not only a staple and trend in jewelry this season it is also a luxury metal to have in your kitchen. Consider having a rose gold kitchen sink faucet combined with marble countertops for the ultimate contrast that works well with numerous different kitchen decorative elements. You may want to keep the rest of your décor a bit more-simple to give your rose gold faucets the spotlight.


marble ktichen 2 Luxury Kitchen Designs That Feature Waterworks
The great thing about marble is that it looks great anywhere it is placed. It appears luxurious, rich in color, and no two marble pieces are ever the same. With that being said surrounding your faucet with a marble countertop brings out the beauty of your faucet design.

Marble has always been a top favorite for the kitchen and when it comes to luxury kitchen designs it does not stay behind. The reason why marble is so popular is because it appears as rich and luxurious as it really is. Pair marble countertops with a rich, deep tone kitchen faucet for a bold contrast that immediately upgrades your kitchen style.

Double Sinks

Having two sinks just makes sense which is the beauty of it. There are numerous benefits to have double sinks which is why we love this idea. Plus let’s not forget you can always upgrade your sinks and make them as modern as you would like. If you decide to go the marble routine for your kitchen use two or more different types of marble for a trendy twist. 

There is something very luxurious about having double sinks in your kitchen. Plus, let’s not forget it extremely useful as well. Double sinks allow you to have more space for washing your hands, handling kitchen necessities, and much more. Have two double sinks one in front of one another or right next to each other for the ultimate upscale look and feel.

Kitchen Island Waterworks

Having a kitchen island is great. It is multifunctional and you can customize it to your liking at any moment. If you are not a fan of having a unique faucet on your kitchen island go for a more traditional look this will give you a luxurious take that is also traditional and classic.

Kitchen islands have become quite popular over the years. One of the main reasons being we have become more aware of how convenient kitchen islands can be. Having a kitchen island with a unique water faucet can give the room the modern yet traditional feel you may seek. Due to this, let’s not forget it also brings together your entire kitchen décor with an elegant feel.

All White

Having a white faucet is a very contemporary move because it is not traditional at all. However, it works extremely well when you are working with an all-white palette. You can always go the traditional route and use silver. Nevertheless, an all-white palette with a white faucet will make the neutral impact you seek. 

Take it up a notch and have a completely white kitchen, including your kitchen waterworks. The idea is to have a crisp, clean kitchen with little to no color. Having a white faucet can be a bit intimidating, but it works beautifully against an all-white decorated kitchen space. If white is a bit intimating, consider using silver instead. It is still subtle enough to have in a white kitchen bit with just the right amount of flair.

Unique Faucet

Although, having a unique faucet may be the last thing you think about when decorating your kitchen. It can help brighten up the space and give you that trendy touch you need. Consider using a faucet that offers two different faucets in one including an extender handle. The extender handle is functional and trendy. 

Instead of having a traditional faucet, consider having a faucet with an intricate touch to it. To create the intricate aspect with a kitchen faucet, you can choose a faucet with a unique shape, color, style, or even texture. The key is to have a staple piece in the kitchen that adds an irreplaceable effect. Having this feature will add a contemporary twist to your kitchen space.


The elegance a black faucet adds to a kitchen is indescribable. Its elegant, put together, and trendy. On top of that, it is also a gorgeous addition to any decor you may currently have. Keep it fresh by only having a few black pieces surrounding your faucet. This will keep your eyes directly on the all black detailing. 

If you already have a well put together kitchen and simply want to add to your kitchen space a twist of luxury and modern a black faucet and waterworks will do the trick. Having a black faucet adds an elegant appeal to your kitchen. There is a richness that a dark hue such as black will create in the kitchen space. This is especially true when it is paired against a neutral palette. The black hue will stand out and create a bold contrast between the two.

Gold Handle

Golden handles are great if you want an understated metallic feel. However, if you want to go all out go for a fully golden faucet. The bold statement of having a golden faucet will bring out all the rich tones in the room. Allow the rest of the room a calming yet neutral hue the ultimate balance between the two. 

Having metallic tone kitchen waterworks can sometimes be a bit much. However, having gold handles can be exactly what you need for a metallic touch. Metallic is bold and trendy. Therefore, having bits and pieces of a metallic hue brightens up the space as well as adds a modern beauty to it.

Matching Pieces

Create the luxurious feel that you seek by matching your faucet to your appliances. Doing so adds that little extra touch of trendy that simply works well together. This is especially true if you are working with a colorful palette or using more then one hue in the space.

The idea is to have all of your appliances including oven, refrigerator, and coffee machine one color. Whether that is sterling silver, white, black, or even gold the option is up to you. Having all of your pieces match one another adds a well put together appearance that is also very trendy. This look works well in every kitchen, regardless of the décor you currently have. The best aspect about this is you will not have to change your entire décor to get this look simply match all of your appliances.


Bronze is a great statement color because it is rich, and bold without being black. If you do not want to go with a fully black faucet bronze is an excellent option. The trick is to have other bronze items in the same space in order to bringthe entire decor together.

Although we have mentioned dark hues bronze is a must-have color. Bronze works great because of how rich and luxurious it looks and feels. Have a bronze faucet and kitchen waterworks for the richness you seek. The right shade of bronze can add a hint of color into the space while still being understated.

To conclude, it may be time to give your kitchen the ultimate waterworks upgrade. Which of these ideas do you want to include in your kitchen? Please let us know in the comments below.


15 Unique End Tables To Liven Up Any Room Of The House

From the bedroom to the living room, those side areas need an extra leg or two to make things more comfortable and balanced. Thankfully, we did some searching and found designs that will wow those corners. Check out these 15 unique end tables that will certainly liven up any room of the house and finish off your vision.

Explore begins our journey with this rad cubed end table. Complete with a mixed material feel and a white, polka dot design, this is a great piece for when you want to create a a unique focus point in your home. Whether it’s in the living room or even on your covered porch, it works!

 15 Unique End Tables To Liven Up Any Room Of The House

We’re a big fan of drum tables and this one from Urban Outfitters is a really fun take on that more simplistic style. With a funky shape and textured edge, it’s a wonderful piece for a bedroom or even a home office. We love the neutral tone as well so it’s blend with a lot of different, popping shades.

If you’re looking for something that has a more modern, artistic edge, then this branched design is the one for you. We found this beauty on Joss and Main and instantly fell in love with its understated uniqueness. Place this inside a formal living room or even in a foyer next to a beautiful, accent chair.

We’re loving this Wayfair find as well. It’s the perfect blend of functional and style. And that popping, cherry red is truly one-of-a-kind when it comes to living room furniture. We see this design also fitting in well inside a finished basement or play room as well.

If you’re looking for a fun blend of both contemporary and organic beauty, this design that resembled a painted stump may be exactly what you’re looking for. Restoration Hardware has this beauty on their site and you can even get the same piece but in a golden or a bronze. This one would be a whole lot of fun to style inside various corners of the home.

Check out this fun trunk from PB Teen! Not only do you get a unique look as a side table with this piece but  you get a storage option as well. We see this quite fitting for teen bedrooms or even inside dorm rooms too.

We are big fans of the agate trend right now. And we’re an even bigger fan when they’ve been made into larger, statement pieces such as this. You can snag this end table off of Jet and spruce up a corner of your living room with some blue and gold pops.

Here’s an unusual shape that fits in well with contemporary spaces. Mixed material and chic edges, this would look great inside formal living rooms or master bedrooms that have the extra space to show off the creative design. It’s an innovative, fashion-forward look that is still very functional. Thanks for the look CB2!

Perfect for kids’ rooms or play areas, this end table will do its job plus some more. Organize and store books, toys and the like with this fun piece from hem. It also comes in a fun assortment of colors!

Here’s another mixed material design that’s quite unique at first glance. Wood and sandstone come together to make a funky, drum end table that can do well on its own in the foyer or at the side of the sofa too. Check out more fun designs like this at 1stdibs.

One of the more simple designs on the list, this piece from Arro Home is definitely the most versatile of the bunch as well. Contemporary and with a unique base, it’s a functional end table that would truly work in any nook you needed it to. From the bedroom to the home office, it’s a good buy.

This end table from Room & Board does more than one job. It, of course, acts as a functional side piece for the couch or bed, but it’s also a magazine holder! It’s unique shaping also creates a beautiful focus for any corner as well.

Target has so many wonderfully girlish and charming pieces to love. And we fell instantly in love with this pink scalloped piece from the Pillowfort collection. Its gold base creates a neutral setting and we love how gorgeous the overall design is.

Check out this two-tiered piece from World Market! It’s simple in color but unique in it’s design, but still extremely functional and versatile for a variety of homes. We easily can see this slip inside houses with a more rustic or farmhouse theme.

And finally, over at Home Designing, you’ll find this gorgeous, wooden piece that’s just as much a work of art as it is an end table. With multi-toned, organic accents and a thick base, it will really create a fun splash of nature for your home to don.


10 Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Bohemian Twist

The Bohemian style has remained a constant style trend to follow. Not only has it remained a top favorite because of how natural the style appears and feels, but also because of how easy it is to incorporate a bohemian twist to your home. Adding a bohemian twist means having a home that is a little more laid back but very much on trend. One of the best areas to add a bohemian twist is to add it to the bedroom. A bohemian twist works well in the bedroom because of its natural take on the style. Here are 10 ways to incorporate a bohemian twist to your bedroom space.

Bohemian Bed

If you do not want to have a wooden bed frame or even a bed frame at all consider laying your bed on the floor and adding wooden items around to give the entire look a bohemian twist. Add white pieces for a softer take on the bohemian style. 

Regardless of how you decide to decorate, furniture will be one of the very first things you decide to change and/or add to the room. A bohemian bed consists of a low wooden bed that has no bed frame. The idea is to have a comfortable sleeping area that looks relaxed and laid back all at once.

Sheer Curtains

sheer curtains for bed 10 Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Bohemian Twist
Although sheer curtains are great for the window they also work well if you have a canopy bed. Canopy beds are great because they re not only cute and cozy but they add a bohemian feel right to the room instantly. Adding lights to your canopy bed will further enhance your sheer curtains. 

The bohemian style is all about having a natural feel in the bedroom. The best way to do just that is to let in as much sunlight as possible. In order to do this while still having curtains is to add sheer curtains to all your windows. This will shield out some sunlight while still allowing most of the sunlight to enter the room.  Choose colorful sheer curtains for a colorful twist on a classic.

Add Houseplants

Plants bring any space back to life and the bedroom is not an exception. They add a natural feel especially when they are placed multiple times around the bedroom. Add a swing for the ultimate pulled together style that is also bohemian. Use soft tones to bring the entire look together.

Sticking to the natural feel of the bohemian style you will want to pick up a few houseplants in the process. Add a few houseplants in the bedroom for a bohemian twist that will enhance the room and give it the freshness you seek.

Touch of Wood

Elements of wood are huge in a bedroom when you want it to have a bohemian feel. Having wooden night stands will provide the wooden feel you need with the multipurpose of a nightstand. You can also choose to have multiple different wooden elements in the space. 

Adding a bohemian twist to your bedroom involves going as natural as possible when it comes to the décor. The more natural items you have in the bedroom the better. This is when adding a touch of wood will come into place. Add one or more wooden accent tables in the room for a well put together look.

Patterned Rug

A rug works wonders in a bedroom especially when you are adding a bohemian feel int the room. Have a rich tone rug that has a faded feel. This will give it an authentic look that is also rugged and bohemian. Blue is a great color to have because it works with numerous different tones. 

Pattern is essential when you are adding a bohemian twist to your current décor. A bold patterned rug will add visual appeal while still being extremely put together and have that bohemian feel. When selecting a rug, you want to choose a large rug. Doing so will add a stand out piece that works well in that room.

Add Different Textures

Texture works great in a bohemian space because it adds visual appeal. Visual appeal works great for a bedroom that has a bohemian contrast. Add texture in rugs, chairs, and linen for the best results. You can also add it with a textured chair. 

When it comes to bedroom décor the first thing you may consider is adding comfortable items. Items that will make the space feel cozy. However, for the bohemian feel, you want to add different textures. Skip the cotton only rule and add fringe, knitted comforters, and/or a shaggy rug. The different texture will give the room that easy going vibe that a bohemian style exuberates.


A fur blanket will add the accessory you need to make the bedroom a bohemian oasis that speaks to you on a natural level. Add multiple different pieces of pattern and texture added with your fur elements to give you that extra layer of texture you may need. You may even want to add a fur rug as well. 

Fur is fun, casual, warm, and natural. Add a fur piece to the room to bring it all together while still being very earthy and natural while still being elegant. The fur item will also add to the textured feel you want to have in the bedroom space.

Hanging Lights

Drape lights around your bed for a romantic feel that is also bohemian and fun. The draping lights can add a seductive feel to the bed while still illuminating the space and making it feel as natural as possible. The idea is to have a natural space that looks and feels its very best.

Don’t just have lamps sitting on your night tables. Instead, have hanging lights from your ceiling or your walls. You want to create a soft feel that is not structured at all. The idea is to have a soft flowing feel into the entire space even with your lighting. The lighting should enhance the bohemian feel of the room.

Metallic Frames

A metallic touch will make the space appear even large especially if you add a mirror in the space. Different mirrors of different shapes will add intricate different lightings into the space. The metallic touches will enhance the floral and pattern decor you may already have.

Decorate your walls with metallic frames. Metallic frames will add to the natural feel of the space. Instead of having pictures and/or portraits on the wall have a metallic framed mirror or pictures of nature in a metal frame. The metallic frames work great in a space that needs a bit of a natural feel to it without adding color.

Instrument as Décor

Instruments on the wall will add a bohemian feel that is also natural and even multipurpose. The idea is to have a personal touch that adds a natural touch to the room. Make the space feel even more intimate by having the color of the instrument match the other items in the bedroom.

Do, you may an instrument and have no idea exactly where you should store it? The answer is simple, place them on the wall. Decorating your walls with significant instruments that you play makes the room feel more personal while still being decorated with a bohemian vibe. The instruments also add a bold feel to the current décor you currently have.

Adding a bohemian vibe to your bedroom means having a more laid back, textured, style. Which of these will you be adding into your current décor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Country Ideas for Outdoor Christmas DéCor

The holidays are in full effect which means it is time to decorate not only the inside of the home but the outside as well.  Christmas happens to be one of the best holidays to decorate your home because of all the options you have. You have numerous different options that work for the inside of your home as well as for the outside of your home. Country chic décor is great for Christmas time because it adds the coziness of country décor with a chic twist.  Here are a few country Christmas ideas for the outside of your home that we know you will love.

Festive Rocking Chairs

Adding a festive twist to your rocking chairs can be done easily and quickly all you need are a few items that scream holiday season and you are good to go. Incorporate an accent table to bring the entire decor together. Keep a sign or small trinkets on the accent table to reinforce the holiday cheer.

Rocking chairs on the porch have always been an all-time fall favorite. However, for the Christmas time, you may want to upgrade your rocking chairs and give them a festive twist. This can be done by painting your chairs, white, red, or green. Painting them one of these colors the chairs the classic festive feel. Add a cozy throw blanket on the chairs and pair it with outdoor cushions for a cozy and comfortable effect. You may even want to consider having an accent table that allows you to lay down your hot cocoa.

Sign of Joy

sign of joy Country Ideas for Outdoor Christmas DéCor
Having a large sign of Joy is simple, rustic, classic, and festive all at once. It is a simple way of adding holiday cheer to your outdoor space without having to include multiple different items. You can even incorporate the sign into the current decor you already have.

Christmas time is a time for joy why not display it on your outdoors by having a large sign that spells joy. This can be a DIY project for you or you can purchase a sign that says JOY and decorate it to your liking. Add a wreath in the middle for an extra touch of holiday cheer. It is also an excellent way of secretly hanging a wreath that will stay in place.

Brighten up the Space

Having multiple different lights can be applied to the front of your home but also to your backyard as well. Add a magical feel to your backyard by filling it with white lights. White lights are great because they illuminate the space and add beauty all at once. Use Christmas color lights for a holiday twist.

Lights! Christmas would not be the holiday of cheer without lights. Add multiple different lighting fixtures hanging from the outside of your home for a beautiful light show display. Having multiple different sizes for an even better effect that will increase the beauty of your home.

Winter Décor

Winter decor consists of using greenery mixed in with shades of white and/or blue. The idea is to keep the decor as simple as possible while still providing the feel of the holidays in a minimal manner. Well lit Christmas trees work great because of the bold statement they make. 

Keep things simple by having winter décor that is soft and simple. Use colors such as white, blue, and lots of greenery. Using these colors will give you the winter enchantment that you want. Make sure to top off the décor with outdoor lanterns. This will provide the cozy winter wonderland vibes you seek in a simple and classic manner.

Christmas Joy

Christmas galore is a top favorite for many of us. There is something beautiful about having a display that offers numerous different colors and gives you all of the Christmas feels. Have mini Christmas trees displayed to combine your outdoor decor with your indoor decor.

Go all out for the Christmas joy by decorating your porch with Christmas essentials such as garland, bright Christmas lights, outdoor lanterns, wreaths with patterns, and let’s not forget a Christmas tree. Add a chalkboard with a welcoming sign to bring happiness to everyone who passes by your home. The idea is to bring Christmas joy directly to your porch for everyone to enjoy.

Hot Cocoa Bar

If you do not want to leave all the items outside to make hot cocoa you can always prepare the hot cocoa and leave it on display for your guests. This is an excellent way of giving your guests a treat they can remember you by from the moment they step foot in the front of your home.

Although, hot cocoa is a staple in the winter and holiday time having a hot cocoa bar displayed in your outdoor space is a treat your guests will not want to miss. Display items such as Christmas themed cups, marshmallows, sugar, and cocoa powder. You want to make sure that all the items that are placed outside are in an airtight container so that they remain fresh the entire time.

Pretty Pinecones

For a more rustic feel pinecones are great. The reason being they look natural and feel that way too. Keep your pinecones displayed on a table for an organic feel that is decorative and beautiful all at the same time. Pair your pinecones with different shades of green for the ultimate contrast. 

Pinecones are great for decorating in cold weather. They are easy to find and even easier to use because they can be painted. This allows you to construct multiple different DIY décor using pinecones. Incorporate them into wreaths, outdoor Christmas trees, and you can even hang them from your door.

Mason Jar Lights

Not only are mini lights inside of mason jar a cute idea but they work in multiple different areas. You can have them inside of the house, outside, and/or both. Consider having white lights for a brighter visual. Meanwhile, colorful lights will give you the holiday feel you seek.

Mason jars are great because of how versatile they are. You can use them as drinking cups, centerpieces, and even as a holiday decoration for the outside of your home. Take a couple of mason jars and fill them up with colorful lights, then hang them around the outside of your home. You can choose to cluster them together or have a few of them hanging from different areas of the exterior of the home.

Royal Outdoor Feel

The beauty of having poinsettias is the color that they provide. Poinsettias are a bold red color which makes them appealing and fun to look at. They are also the Christmas flower which makes them work great even in very cold weather. Pair it with bold green shades for a holiday feel thats undeniable.Create a royal outdoors feel by using bold holiday colors with natural items. The idea is to make a holiday statement with plants such as the poinsettia. Poinsettias are known as the “Christmas plant” therefore, having blossomed poinsettias will work beautifully outdoors. Hang a few of them on the entryway or have them as garland on your door. You can also the entire plant displayed on the outside of your home.

Christmas Signs

Give your guests some direction as to where they can expect to be going with a Christmas sign. Christmas signs are great especially if you have children as it gives them a little extra sense of joy when they see these signs laid out for them to enjoy.

Christmas signs are not only as cute as they sound they are also an excellent form of decorating the outside of your home in a country chic manner. You can choose to DIY the sign if you would like to create something more personal to you and your family. Place a few Christmas destination signs and let everyone know exactly where Santa Clause will be visiting next.

With all the holidays quickly approaching it is never too early to begin decorating the exterior of your home. Let us know below which of these country chic ideas you will include into your outdoor décor? Also, make sure to let us in on any other outdoor ideas you may have.


How to Properly Decorate With Shades of Blue

From pale shades to navy dreams blue is not only a gorgeous, powerful color that makes a statement and is said to bring luck but it is also a beautiful color to decorate with. Even though it is an excellent color to decorate with it can be intimidating to most homeowners. In order to change that we have found easy ways that will help you want to add these watery hues to your home today. Here are a few ways on how to properly decorate with shades of blue.

Create a Bathroom Spa

To your blue bathroom consider adding a chandelier for the complete spa feel. You may also want to pair your blue walls with dark wood furniture. This will cause the blue hue to stand out and appear bold in front of the dark tones.  Choose a soft blue for the ultimate relaxing feel. 

One of the many things spas, all around the world have in common is most of their bathrooms have one or more shades of blue.  The color blue is known for having a relaxing effect on many people because of the connection between blue elements such as the sky and the ocean. Add a spa feel by decorating your bathroom with blue accent items or painting a wall the color blue. Stick to pastels and light tones for a calming feel.

Add It to Your Kitchen Cabinets

blue cabinets How to Properly Decorate With Shades of Blue
The secret to an elegant upscale look in your kitchen is the color blue. Blue cabinets give the kitchen a vibrancy that is difficult to recreate with any other color. Choose a blue that has tints of gray for the upscale feel you want. If you want a brighter take on this look choose a pastel blue instead.

Kitchen cabinets have come a long way from where they used to be when it comes to color. They typically were beige or white always. Now we are experimenting with color a lot more. Add a grayish blue shade to your kitchen cabinets for a softer taken on decorating with blue.

Bold Is Best in Pattern

Can’t decide on what blue pattern to add to a room? The answer is simple choose stripes. Vertical stripes are great for any room because of how they elongate the space which causes the room to appear larger. Use dark hues to create a contrast when it is paired with light tones. 

Blue patterns are great because of how neutral they can turn out to be. Even though blue is a powerful color when it is mixed with other shades it takes a softer twist. Choose to add a bold patterned wallpaper in your living room or even have a patterned blue rug for a rich twist on a classic color scheme.

Bedroom Walls

Lighter blue shades offer a calming effect so much so that when paired with light toned furniture the space seems to feel calmer and even larger. Keep the rest of the room as neutral as possible to give the walls the focus they deserve. You may even want to add little accents around the room in the same shade as the wall. 

If you are in need of a color change in your bedroom consider the color blue. Lighter shades of blue work great with neutral furniture. Meanwhile darker shades pair great with dark furniture. The contrast helps create an expansive feel to the room.

Bring on the Cushions

Take the beautiful blue hue outdoors as well. Add blue cushions to your patio set for a vibrant feel that adds to your outdoor appeal. Pair the blue cushion hues with matching umbrella for a beautiful touch. This looks best on dark tone patio sets as it causes the color to truly stand out. 

A touch of blue can be fun, especially if you are working with a soft color palette. Add blue cushions to your dining table for a little-hidden twist that you will enjoy. They are easy to pair with other colors and will bring a vibrant take on a neutral dining table.

Touch of Vintage

If you have a neutral or white toned kitchen a blue island could be exactly what you need. Take a statement shade of blue and paint your island that color. It will bring the entire focus to that specific space in the kitchen. Which in return will make your kitchen appear larger and more put together. 

One aspect the color blue is known for is having a vintage feel, especially if it is a lighter shade of blue. There is something very diner like when you use blue in your kitchen. Not only can it be used on your kitchen cabinets as stated above, but you can also use it for your kitchen island as well. Having a blue kitchen island will add a pop of color right where you need it.

Mix and Match

Do not be afraid of navy blue hues. In fact, navy blue works very well in any room as it is the perfect rich shade to provide elegance while still being softer than the color black. Pair navy blue walls with orange chairs for a beautiful modern contrast. When working with this contrast the brighter the orange shade the better. 

To many individuals, the color blue is considered a statement color. However, we consider it a “works well with an extensive amount of colors” type of color. The reason for this is blue can work well with almost every color in the palette including statement colors such as orange. Blue works beautifully when mixed with orange because it makes the orange shade stand out even more. Mix and match your shades of blue with accent shades of orange for a pop of boldness that does not change the look of your home instead it enhances it.

French Glamour

Powder blue walls paired with gray accents are great for a glamorous twist that is still modern and subtle. Mix and match darker shades of gray and pair it with deeper shades of blue. Doing so will enhance the appeal of these two tones together. If you have extra room add a blue bench for a pop of color.

That’s right the color blue can also be glamorous. Pair powder blues with beige or gray to add a French twist in any room. This works especially well in a bedroom. The reason being when paired with soft neutral shades it creates a relaxing space that also feels rich and glamorous. Add a blue sitting bench to your bedroom for an extra dose of blue.

Cheerful Walls

Bold walls make a huge difference in any area that they are placed in. If you really want to make a bold statement consider using a similar hue all over the space with your furniture. Contemplate having blue couches, accent chairs, and/or stools to bring the entire decor together.

Go bold or go home when you are decorating with blue hues. Add a vibrant shade to a darker room to create a modern take. Consider turquoise walls paired with dark tones. This will add a cheerful wall into the space, giving you a focal point right on your walls.

Just a Hint

Bleu sofas are refreshing. They are soft to look at while still commanding the space. They provide an elegant feel that is still very feminine. Choose a darker shade for a bold pop of color and a lighter shade for a subtle twist that is not so subtle at all. The different shades of blue will give your room a twist of color your guests may not be expecting. 

A blue sofa is the perfect hint of blue any room could use. It takes a classic color and makes it the main focus of the room. Pair it with boldly patterned cushions for a modern feel or pair it with neutral tones for a classic look that is still fun and memorable.

Beachy Elegance

Your dining table does not need to be large for the blue chairs to make an impact. Regardless of the size of the table bleu chairs make a huge impact where they are placed as it completely calls the attention of anyone who enters the room. When working with light-toned tables lighter shades of blue work best as it doesn’t overpower the table.

Many homeowners like the idea of decorating with shades of blue because it has a beach or nautical feel to it. Add a beachy vibe to your dining room by changing your chairs and getting blue ones. Blue dining table, chairs are the perfect addition to any simple table. It gives an elegant yet classic appeal.

Decorating with blue hues adds a little something extra to any bedroom. Let us know in the comments below how you plan on adding rich blue hues to your home.


Tasteful and Trendy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas That Do Not Involve Carving

Fall is pretty much-considered pumpkin season. There are pumpkins everywhere on food, as decoration, even as costumes. However, even though pumpkins tend to be everywhere for the fall season, carving a pumpkin is not as great as it once was when you were a kid. In fact, pumpkin carving tends to become a tedious task. Therefore, instead of carving pumpkins to decorate your home, consider one of these trendy pumpkin decorating ideas. These pumpkin decorating ideas do not involve carving at all. But, we must warn you they’re as cute and as glamorous as they sound. While being a whole lot less-messier than carving a pumpkin would be.

Metallic Pumpkins

Metallic pumpkins are easy to recreate and make such a huge impact in any space they are placed in. If you want to be a bit more creative leave tiny specks of the orange color. This will create a double dimensional take on your ordinary pumpkin.

Forget painting your pumpkins a traditional color. Instead, give them a metallic twist for a modern and elegant take on a classic. Use hues such as rose gold, gold, silver, and even glitter for the ultimate metallic effect. If you do not want to paint the entire pumpkin in a metallic hue consider painting a section of the pumpkin instead or even dripping the paint into of the pumpkin for a cool effect.

Porcelain Pumpkins

porceline pumpkins Tasteful and Trendy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas That Do Not Involve Carving
Grabbing some inspiration from your favorite porcelain plates to create this elegant look. This is an upscale look that is very easy to include in your fall decor. If you can not find porcelain pumpkins consider painting your pumpkin with shiny paint and giving it the porcelain feel.

Draw inspiration from a very unexpected source such as your porcelain plates. The intricate patterns on porcelain plates are excellent options when you are looking to decorate with pumpkins. Select porcelain pumpkins with intricate patterns and colors for a twist on fall décor. They push the boundaries between vintage, classic and modern, trendy.

Glitter Polka Dots

Forget just painting your pumpkin a bold color add glitter polka dots to them instead or you can do both. Consider using smaller dots on larger pumpkins for a cute twist and larger dots on smaller pumpkins this will create a contrast if you decide to use both in our decor.

We know that colorful pumpkins are always a crowd pleaser. However, if you want to take it a step further add glitter into the mix. Glittery pumpkins are all the rage this fall season. Take your favorite colored pumpkin and transform it into a show stopper by adding glitter polka dots.

Black and Gold

Black and gold apart and together add a layer of edge anywhere they are placed. Add studs, rhinestones or even crystals for an added hint of edge. You can mix the black and gold paint together and use that or you can choose to use golden accessories to create the look.

Black is also taking center stage this fall season especially when it is paired with gold. Black pumpkins are extremely popular this season, because of how edgy they are. Add gold accents or even gold studs to add to the edgy feel of these pumpkins.

Add a Ribbon

Choose a ribbon with a pattern on it for an added layer of dimension. You can also choose to tie the ribbon in multiple different patterns for a cute addition to the look. Keep the pumpkin bare or you can even paint it the options are endless. 

Take your favorite pumpkin and add a ribbon to the stem. Doing so takes your pumpkin to the next level while still being festive and seasonal plus let’s not forget it is a very simple task to do. You don’t even have to paint your pumpkins just simply add a ribbon on the stem and you are good to go.

Brush Strokes

Adding brush strokes to your pumpkin is a modern twist on a painted pumpkin. Not only do you want to paint the outside but you want to add brush strokes to give it that modern feel you seek. Cut down the stem to give the brush strokes the ultimate focal point.

Yes, you read that correctly instead of painting your entire pumpkin paint brush strokes. Painting brush strokes on your pumpkin give it an artsy, upscale feel that is actually extremely easy to recreate in multiple different colors. You can even use metallic paint colors for a quick metallic feel.


When it comes to multicolor pumpkins choose a color you normally would not consider using for fall and then select a metallic tone for the second. This will brighten up the pumpkin and give you a second layer of color that is also bright and modern.

As an alternative to using one color use two or more. When painting your pumpkin, choose more than one color. You can paint them or you can even dip your pumpkin into the paint for a less symmetrical feel and a more abstract look.

Glitter Stems

Paint your pumpkin in an unusual color such as pink for fall for an added touch of modern to your decor. You can even trim the stems to make them different sizes and give your pumpkin decor a cute little twist that everyone will be asking about. Place them on your porch or as a centerpiece for your table.

If you do not want to add glitter all over your pumpkin, but still want a glittery touch to your fall décor the answer is to add glitter to the stem of the pumpkin as a substitute. Glitter the stem and keep the rest of the pumpkin as neutral as possible. Doing this will still give you the natural pumpkin feel while being modern and elegant.

Matte Blue

Matte blue pumpkins are all the rage this season especially as centerpieces for your fall decor tables. Take them outdoors and place them with other unpainted pumpkins for a striking contrast between the two.

Have you ever seen a pumpkin you didn’t love in the fall season? Probably not. However, in place of orange and blue pumpkins its time to bring out the matte blue paint. Matte blue is one of those colors that is slowly growing on us for the fall season. Therefore, why not incorporate it into your fall décor as well. Choose baby blue shades as it will stand out against any other colored pumpkins you may have.

Pumpkin Harvest

Creating a pumpkin harvest can make your entire space appear more natural and organic all at once. There is no necessity of carving the pumpkin as you can easily add it on right on top. It is the easiest way of adding a floral touch to your fall decor.

Keep all your décor as natural as possible by topping your pumpkin with a succulent harvest. The aesthetics of this harvest are simply beautiful. It is natural yet simple which works extremely well when you want a natural feel that adds color as well as beauty all at once. There is no need to carve out the top of the pumpkin simply remove the stem and set the harvest right on top.

Pumpkins are the epidemy of fall. However, carving them is not so fun, why not try one of these trendy ideas instead. Let us know which one of these you personally like the very best in the comments below.


12 Country Chic Ideas for Your Fireplace

With numerous different holidays quickly approaching upon us it may be time to re-decorate your living room and give it a warm festive feel. One living room item that will always remain a classic staple in any home is a fireplace. Having a fireplace is always a plus for a living room space not only because it adds a warm, cozy feel that is also elegant, but because it offers an excellent additional decorating space. Give your fireplace a twist by using one of the following country chic ideas that are sure to inspire you to want to add a country feel to your living room.

Rustic Wood Antlers

If you do not want to add antlers of different sizes consider placing them in different forms in your fireplace space. Contemplate having a simple decor that is mainly wooden. Having a wooden based decor will give you the chic effect you want. Add other antlers around your living room space to bring the entire decor together.  

Antlers are a big part of country décor because they are easy to have an easy to place around the home. They also add the rustic country feel that we aim for when you decide to add a country chic twist to the fireplace. Add different size antlers on the mantle of your fireplace for a fun twist, that is easy to remove if you decide to do so.

Art Pieces

pictures above fireplace 12 Country Chic Ideas for Your Fireplace
You can also add art surrounding the fireplace to bring the entire style together. Or you can consider having multiple of the same art piece doubled for a cohesive look that is also trendy and chic. Choose pieces that offer color and texture to your living room space.

Art is always a great decorative element. It adds personality to the space as well as a unique twist that offers visual appeal.  Instead of having one simple piece of art on the wall above your fireplace have a collection of unique mix and matching pieces. The mix and match aspect of this idea will bring together the chic feel of the room.

Charming Pieces

If you are going to have charming pieces this is the perfect time and space to decorate your home with holiday decor. Your fireplace works great for layering multiple different charming trinkets that enhance the space of your living room. This is also the perfect space to add color as you have the ability to have bold colorful pieces around your fireplace as well as on yoru mantle.

Select a few charming pieces that speak to you such as owl statues or a few little charming trinkets that give the room a charming feel. The charming aspect of having these pieces on top or surrounding your fireplace is that it makes the space seem more cozy and warm. It will also provide a focal point in the living room. If you really want to add a few charming pieces, consider making them colorful pieces this will make you and your guests directly focus on the fireplace space.

Large Clock

A large clock provides visual appeal in a room because it is a bold piece that commands your attention. There is something very trendy yet vintage about having a large timepiece that shows the time and draws your attention. Keep the rest of the decor around it simple to allow the clock to shine.

Working with a neutral palette can cause you to think your decorating pieces need to be a certain color or a certain style in order for them to work well in the space. However, neutral palettes are great as you can add color without disrupting the current décor. You can also maintain the entire space neutral and just add bolder richer colors that will enhance what you have. A large clock is a great way of extenuating the current décor you have by being a bold piece that is large and makes a statement.

Smooth Hues

If you have a wall that is already a smooth hue consider having a fireplace that is one shade lighter or one shade darker in order to create contrast. When contrast is created you will have a third-dimensional feel in the room. The 3D effect will expand the space and give it that little hint of decor you may need.

When in doubt paint your fireplace a smooth hue. A smooth hue is considered a neutral tone that is bold yet subtle. Consider an off-white, beige, taupe, or a pastel shade for the best results. These colors will not interrupt your current décor instead they will enhance the space. Painting your fireplace will add a cohesive feel in the room as well. You want the color to stand out against your current wall color.

Masculinity Twist

A black fireplace adds the touch of edginess that you may want to have in the living room. It also works well ina neutral tone space because of how bold the color black tends to be. Add other black elements to create an even grander effect that stands out from the rest.

For a more masculine take on the country chic style paint your fireplace black. Black is a neutral that is also bold and powerful. However, it works well with numerous different shades while providing an edgy twist. It also provides a country old feel that is warm and captivating all at the same time.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A large mirror can create the perfect balance in a room. Mirrors reflect light therefore, they make any room appear larger and more put together. Add a metallic touch to the room by having a metal framed mirror above your fireplace. You can also have mirrors it placed in different areas of the living room.

Regardless, of the size of your living room or the size of your fireplace, a mirror on the wall above the fireplace will make a huge difference. Mirrors reflect light which in return will cause the space to appear larger and more expandable. You may even want to incorporate multiple different mirrors of numerous different sizes for the best effect. This will give the room a chic twist that works every time.

Pop of Blue

A blue fireplace means you can have other blue decorative items in the living room without creating a color clash. It also means if you have a neutral space a bold blue fireplace will add the pop of color you may need. You may also want to pair the fireplace with a similar color rug for a cohesive feel. 

Let’s say you don’t like the idea of a black fireplace because it’s too edgy and the idea of a pastel fireplace seems unoriginal a pop of rustic blue may be exactly what you need. An antique, rustic shade of blue will add character to the fireplace while still being country chic. The color should look and feel aged. Doing so will create a space that chic yet trendy with a bit of a twist.

Shades of Sage

If you do not want to paint your fireplace sage green you can always place sage green stones along the border of your fireplace for a sage green feel that does not fill the entire space. You can also choose to paint the wall of your fireplace sage green this will become an accent wall in your livng room.

Sage green is a beautiful color to have in your living room space. It is chic while still being bold and even subtle in a way. You can call this color a contradicting shade because it plays well with a multitude of colors while still being considered a bold hue. Paint your fireplace and the wall behind it sage green for the ultimate complimentary take on country chic.

Take Your Fireplace Outdoors

The beauty of an outdoor fireplace is that it brings warmth to the entire outdoor space. Therefore, it allows you to be able to be outdoors even during the chillier months of the year. Place it in front of a table or in front of a warm seating area for a great time with family and friends.

An outdoor fireplace can help you want to spend more time outdoors. The idea is to have something that belongs indoors as part of your outdoor decor. Add a warm effect in your backyard works great for gatherings of family and friends especially during the cooler months. Have an all brick fireplace for the best effect that also adds a bit of country chic to the outdoor space.

Intricate Detail

If you do not want to paint an intricate design on your fireplace, consider having the design carved instead. A carved fireplace will add a bolder take on this idea the reason being the carved details will stand out more from the rest of the painted areas.

Add an intricate touch to your fireplace by having a professional paint a design onto your fireplace. This will elevate the feel of your simple fireplace. You can have them paint a simple design for a hint of chic or an intricate and elaborate design for a more upscale look. You want the design to be the same color as the fireplace using a different color will not give you the same effect that using the same color will.

Personal Arrangement

Intimate pieces that mean something to you are great to decorate your fireplace with. This will add to the personal touches in the home. Add books, letters, candles, even flowers to your mantle. 

Arrange your mantel with personal items such as images, letters, and/or other pieces that resemble you and your family. This will add the personal touch that you want. Do not be afraid of using multiple different items of numerous colors, sizes, and shapes. Doing so will give you a personal area that brings the entire space together. Add a candle or two to bring the entire space together.

Country chic is an excellent decorating style, especially when you want to add a cozy feel to your home. Which one of these will you be incorporating to your fireplace? Please let us know in the comments below.


Trendy Shabby Chic Ideas You’ll Want to Try ASAP

The shabby chic style has been around for quite some time. The beauty of having a shabby chic design is it has the ability to update any old furniture and have it appear new once again. It is also great for homeowners that enjoy adding DIY pieces into their home. Shabby chic is the perfect combination between vintage, retro, antique, modern, and fresh decorating styles. It adds a touch of all these styles wrapped in one. This allows you to have a modern home that is trendy yet shabby chic all at once. The following trendy shabby chic ideas will make you want to redecorate your home and add them in asap.

Mix and Match

If you are not a fan of the wooden look you might want to consider painting it a different color. The key to painting wood is applying one coat at a time. If you do it this way you choose if you would like to have a vintage faded appearance instead of a fully colored one.

Do not be afraid of mixing and matching different furniture colors, finishes, and styles. When it comes to creating a shabby chic, space having a mixture of finishes works exceptionally well. Wood works well because it comes in numerous different finishes that can be customized to your personal likely. Add in a colorful dresser or nightstand along with bare wood tables in a bedroom for a shabby chic display.

Hint of Vintage

shabby chic kitchen 2 Trendy Shabby Chic Ideas Youll Want to Try ASAP
A faded desk makes a perfect accessory for your kitchen especially if you need an extra room for storage. Use a faded wooden desk in an all-white kitchen for the ultimate contrast that adds to the shabby chic decor. If you decide to paint your desk consider leaving some faded spots for the best outcome. 

Shabby chic would not be “shabby chic” without hints of vintage throughout the home. The kitchen is a great area to add vintage elements in because of how laid back it tends to be. Add a few vintage elements such as a wooden sign, a few vintage dishes, and/or wooden stools. These vintage elements added into a pastel, and/or white kitchen will off the shabby chic twist you desire.

Feminine Finishes

An awkward corner can be an excellent breakfast nook when it is done correctly. Keep wooden elements as organic as possible this will provide the shabby chic theme an upgrade. Maintain the rest of the decor as simple and neutral as possible to complete the look. 

Having a feminine twist is quite essential when you are adding shabby chic into your home. A feminine touch means having pastel colors all throughout the home. This will give the home a softer appearance that is still trendy. Add a chandelier and pastel shades to an awkward corner to create a space that is versatile with a feminine twist, this space can be considered a breakfast nook, a reading corner, or even a relaxing seating area that extends to your living room.

Shades of White

Shabby chic does not mean the space is not modern it means the space is a little more laid back. Have a calming space that is neutral yet has a few key pieces. You may want to have a few accent chairs for a bit of color. If you have a few bits of color you will begin to notice the room appears larger and more put together all at once.

The color white is HUGE in shabby chic décor. It is considered a staple when you are decorating with this style. You want to have multiple different shades of white including off-white. The idea is to have a crisp and clean layout that can be easily incorporated into the home. Add white linen, have a white sofa, or any other white bold statement pieces into the space for the shabby chic feel.

Built-in Bench

Once you have a built-in bench you will be able to decorate it any way you would like. In fact, you can take your built-in bench and create a small breakfast nook. You can even transform the bench into a seating place where your guests can sit and speak to you while you cook.

Having a built-in bench anywhere in the home is always a great idea because of how versatile they are. Add a bench in any space of the home for an added seating area. One specific area of the home you may want to consider having a built-in bench is near a large window. A large window can provide the ultimate space for a bench as it will cause you to want to use the space more often. To further enhance the space, add a bench cushion with a floral print to bring the entire look together.

Fresh Linen

A linen cabinet is great especially when you use it in the bathroom. The bathroom is an excellent area for this because it allows you to display any bathroom utilities in a unique and put together way. You can even have your bed sheets displayed in any area of the home when you have a linen display.

There is a freshness to a shabby chic decorated home. Which is why incorporating fresh linen adds to the richness of the décor. Have fresh linen displayed in your bedroom instead of stored away. Displaying the linen will bring together the idea of having crisp lines and colors throughout the home. You also want to have your bed sheets be crispy and white for the same added linen effect.

Charming Furniture

Shabby chic furniture is great to have because of how easy it is to decorate around. Have a neutral table with white or other neutral accessories. This will maintain the shabby chic decor intact while still adding to the space. Clean and crisp pieces will work best. 

What exactly are charming furniture pieces? Charming furniture pieces are items that are contemporary enough to be charming, yet are not what you would typically see in a modern decorated home. You want to have clean pieces that make a statement without needed much enhancement. You do not need to stick to an entire white color scheme instead you can use color with crisp lines.

Aged Headboard

 If you decide to have an aged headboard you may decide on going the DIY route. The DIY route allows you to use different kinds of wood instead of having a headboard. Use two aged doors for the best DIY results do not use paint for a worn and aged feel that is shabby chic. 

If you are looking for one item to transform your entire bedroom into a shabby space having an aged headboard may be the only thing you need. An aged headboard will give you the shabby look while still being very chic. Consider using doors as a replacement for your headboard. They add a unique twist that enhances the space all at the same time. Pair it with a chandelier for the best effect.


Even in the bathroom when working with a shabby chic decor wood is essential. Consider having bold wooden peaking through. You may also want to consider having a unique chandelier instead of a traditional one for a twist that is easy to achieve it. Add color with a few flowers to keep the space neutral with a few pops of color. 

Chandeliers are an excellent addition to a shabby chic home because of the upscale look that they add. Have a simple decorated home and add a chandelier this will give the shabby chic décor a twist. You can even have a chandelier in the bathroom if you choose to do so. A chandelier in the bathroom provides an edgy, chic feel.

Color Mix and Match

If you do not want to have more then one bold color consider using multiple different hues of the same shade. This will give you the contrast you want without using multiple different colors. This is an excellent way of extenuating one specific color while pairing it with other neutral shades.

Color is another great way to add a shabby chic feel to your home. Use bold colors that work well together such as blue and pink or green and orange. Although, they are contrasting colors they work well in a shabby chic setting. Having an accent chair in a bold color will also work just as well in the space.

Shabby chic is very much on trend. Which of these shabby chic ideas will you be incorporating into your homes décor? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.


Modern Coffee Table Trends for 2018

Coffee tables have always been a staple piece in any living room. Traditionally, they were created as an area to place your drinks, put your feet up and/or have small trinkets on. However, as we are close to entering 2018 we have noticed that this upcoming year will bring us a more modern twist then what we are used to having as coffee tables. There are numerous different styles, materials, and even sizes that will be trending for 2018. Here are our favorite modern coffee table trends that will be taking over your living room design very quickly.

Glass is Back!

If you want to take your glass coffee table to the next level consider a more modern shape instead of the traditional square, rectangle, and/or oval shapes. A modern geometric shape will add an interesting take on a traditional coffee table.

Even though they may seem fragile and not as easy to maintain glass tables are a beauty to have. Their transparent nature allows them to work well with multiple different colors as well as numerous different décor options. This year glass tables are coming in numerous different transparent tones as well as intricate shapes. The functional bonus of having a glass coffee table is that it brings a modern twist to any traditional décor you may have.

Contemporary Metal

metal coffe table Modern Coffee Table Trends for 2018
A metal coffee table is an unexpected touch to any room decor. The reason is not everyone knows what a huge impact they can make on a regular living room decor. A metal coffee table adds a classic look that is also edgy and contemporary all at the same time. Making it easy to work with.

Metal fixtures may seem intimidating because of how bold and demanding they are. However, when you are working with a metal coffee table you want a bold piece that will command the attention of you and your guests in the home. To take the trend even further by selecting a metal coffee table with a texture on it for a simple yet complex look and feel.

Copper is In

Copper coffee tables add a metallic touch to your home that is the perfect combination when it is paired with neutral cones such as gray, black, and white. Having one or more will fill the space and create a focal point for your living room. 

If you can’t decide on what color your coffee table should be, considering taking a trip to the modern side by going copper. Copper is coming in very big this 2018 because of how versatile yet bold it can be. It is one of those metallic colors that is not used as often when it comes to home decoration. Therefore, when it is used it makes a big impact anywhere it is placed.

Coffee Table Sets

If you think one coffee table look good two coffee tables look even better. In fact, having more than one coffee table is very much on trend for 2018. You can have two identical tables or mix and match them for a twist on the trend.

Instead of having one coffee table consider having two. Coffee table sets will be very much on trend for 2018. The idea is to create a modern take on the usual coffee table look. You can choose to have two identical coffee tables or two different coffee tables in the same shape but different color scheme. You want these coffee tables to take center stage in your living room décor.

Unfinished Wood

The beauty of having an unfinished wood coffee table is that many of them come in intricate and organic shapes. With that being said, you can even DIY your coffee table by putting a couple of wood pieces together and creating a unique one of a kind coffee table.

Unfinished wood is IN! And we love this concept. Instead of getting a wooden coffee table that is painted in your desired color purchase a wooden table that is unfinished or unpainted. You want the intricacy of the unfinished wood to make the statement in the room.

Ultra-Low Coffee Table

The ultra-low coffee table concept comes from the idea of using the floor as an extra seating area. Instead of always sitting on your sofa why not sit on your floor and enjoy a coffee cup directly from your coffee table. It is also a modern take on the ordinary coffee table height.

Coffee tables tend to be the height of the sofa or a little bit lower. However, the trend this year is to have an ultra-low coffee table. The idea is to have a coffee table that is almost on the ground. Even though this may not seem practical it brings a different concept to the room.

Floating Structure

Floating coffee tables happen to be a favorite because of the space they offer. There are two layers of space that can be used for you to date. You can place as many items as you would like on both and not have a cluttered table. Instead, you will have a modern piece.

Look for a coffee table that offers a floating structure. The great aspect of having a floating structured coffee table is that it allows you more space to place items on it. You can have your coffee table books, candles, and even a small floral arrangement on the table as it offers two tiers that you can use as you please.


The beauty of having marble in a home is that no two pieces are ever the same. The reason being marble comes in multiple different patterns and the patterns never duplicate. Marble is also classic, elegant, and contemporary all at once.

Marble has been on trend for a few years now and it is still here to stay. There is a classic elegance that a marble piece brings to the space. A marble coffee table can make a huge difference in the way your living room appears. It will add elegance even in the most modern space.


Simple does not mean boring. You can have a simple coffee table with intricacy all at once. The key is to have a simple coffee table that has an interesting aspect to it such as golden legs table legs like the image above.

The simpler the table the better. This trend allows you to have bolder pieces all around your living room while your coffee table remains under the radiator while still being useful. The idea is to give the coffee table the simplicity it was once meant to have.


If you want to spruce up your living room adding a patterned coffee table will do the trick. The key is to add a focal piece into the space without having multiple different patterns all together. One patterned piece will do.

Patterns have become huge in the interior designing world for some time and they will not be taking a back seat just yet. Add pattern to any room with a patterned coffee table. To achieve the best result’s, select a pattern in a neutral tone. This will give you the pattern effect without interrupting your current décor.

When it comes to coffee table trends for 2018 one thing is for sure we will be seeing a lot of different shapes, materials, and sizes. Which of these trends are you excited to try out as part of your décor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.