10 Fall Door DéCor Options That Aren’t Wreaths

Fall: the air gets crisper the leaves change color, and new décor is in order. Fall is one of the best seasons to decorate your home for. There is an extensive selection of decorations that you can choose from. However, one of the most popular fall door décor options are wreaths. Over the years wreaths have become the number one decorative aspect in a home for the fall season. In fact, many will say they only use wreaths to decorate with. Instead of only decorating your home with wreaths this fall, here are a few options that will put your home in the fall spirit.

Basket of Apples

Add a cute sign stating what fruit or veggie you have hanging from your door if you want your guests to take one. Consider having other fall favorites in your front area to complete the fall look. Flowers with rich color work best as they add to your fall decor.

If apple picking happens to be your favorite part of fall, this is the perfect door décor for your home. Although it is a heavier décor option, it is one of the cutest options. Hang a basket filled with apples or even small pumpkins to bring the fall feel from the moment your guests arrive at your door.

Welcome Basket

welcome basket 2 10 Fall Door DéCor Options That Arent Wreaths
If you do not want to use a heavy basket consider having one made out of a thinner material. You will still have the same fall feel without the heaviness of a basket. To complete the look have other fall elements around such as pumpkins.

Forget a welcoming wreath, use a welcome basket instead. Use a lightweight basket and fill it with fall flowers such as Oak Leaf Hydrangeas, Blue Star Amsonia, Beautyberry, and/or Sumac. These flowers bloom well in the fall weather and don’t need much care. Having them in a basket allows you to cover any pots or you can also use fake fall flowers for an arrangement that will remain beautiful all-year-round.

Wooden Tags

Wooden tags are great or getting creative. You can make them an all-day family event where everyone gets to paint a wooden tag as they wish in fall or Halloween decor. Doing so will allow you to have multiple different holiday decor options.

Nothing screams your excitement for fall quite like oversized wooden tags. Take wooden tags that are a bit oversized and write a simple message that will make your guests excited to enter your home. Choose messages such as “Give Thanks, Happy Fall, Welcome Home, or a simple Thank you”.

Hanging Letters

Fall and Halloween decor does not always have to be bold and bright with color. If you prefer a more understated take on your door use the color black. Black is an excellent take on fall decor as it can also be considered Halloween related.

Have fun and make this decorative option a fun DIY. Take large letters that spell the word “Fall” and get creative. You can choose to decorate them with Halloween decal, fall décor, or even paint them bold colors that bring the fall vibes directly to your door. If you want to go a little more-subtle, consider painting them a warmer color such as rich burgundy, burnt orange, or even sage. These colors scream fall without being overbearing.

Painted Pinecones

If you must include a wreath what better way to do it then with pinecones. Using painted pinecones to create a wreath is a trendy and modern way of getting both color and a festive take on the outdoor decor space.

Pinecones are an epitome of fall. They fall from trees such like fall leaves so collecting them can become a family project.  Collect a few pinecones and paint them colors of fall this will add an extra layer of color to your door while being a fun little décor object.

Wooden Sign

Add a few fall pieces to truly make your sign feel part of your fall decor. This is a more rustic way of having something different hanging on your door for the fall season.

Wooden signs are great as they are rustic and easy to do. Purchase or cut a slice of wood and even use chalkboard paint or a twist of fun then write a cute sign on it and hang on your door. Your guests will be intrigued by this idea as it is easy to make but makes such a bold statement all at once. It is also an excellent way of having a bit of fall without adding color instead just a rustic touch.

Foliage Upgrade

Take your entire front space to the next level by incorporating fall and holiday items together. If you choose to have a wreath consider having one made out of pumpkins, and leaves this will give you the wreath feeling while elevating the appearance of it. Add lanterns for a modern take on your front door space.

After hanging your door décor, it is time to upgrade your entryway as well. Line your entryway with leaves or even small pumpkins to really make a statement. This will take your outdoor space to a completely new level. It will also share with your neighbors how excited you are for fall.

Small Pumpkins

Small pumpkins can be difficult to find or you may not find them as interesting to hang on your door consider using fake pumpkins instead. If you decide to use fake pumpkins choose ones that are larger in size and are painted in interesting colors, or patterns and place them in an interesting layout.

Pumpkins are great to use as fall decoration, especially small ones. Take a few small pumpkins tie them together with burlap or string and hang them up. You can also choose to paint them for a fun twist on a fall classic.

Garden Rack

Take last years rack add bold colors and leaves and you have the ultimate fall decor. This is one of the most modern take on another fall decor option that is not a wreath. If you want to take it a step further add a welcome sign and make your guests feel part welcomed to your home.

Last year’s rack can make the ultimate fall door décor. Take your garden rack apart and only use the head. Decorate the head with burlap, fall flowers, and even wheat. This will give you the ultimate fall feel as you are incorporating all the fall favorites in one. It’s the perfect rustic substitution for a wreath.

Monogram Letters

When it comes to monogrammed door decor the more creative you get the better. There is something very personal about upgrading your door decor into a monogram fall decor that includes something personal about you. Something such as a bow or even having the monogram being your favorite color.

Monogram letters can always be fun, especially if you personalize them. Personalize them for the fall season by using fall colors or wrapping them in burlap. Burlap is super low maintenance, which is exactly what you want when you are using it for your outdoor space.

Your door does not need to be boring. In fact, you make the outside of your home look just as festive and personal as the outside of your home. Let us know which idea you like best for your fall door décor in the comments below.


Trendy Ways to Decorate an Awkward Corner

When it comes to decorating and upgrading your space every corner, and area counts. Even the awkward spaces and the not so chic corners. It may take a little bit more time and creativity, but it can be achieved. Take your awkward corner and transform it into a beautiful space that enhances your home’s décor by simply rearranging the space and making it come back to life. Here are a few trendy ways to decorate and use an awkward corner.

A Quiet Seating Area

If you really want to expand in your special corner consider adding multiple different chairs and even stools. This will create an inviting space that you will want to continuously use time and time again. You can also include diferent accent pillows to bring the decor together. 

An awkward corner may like a difficult space to decorate. However, when in doubt making it a seating area instead.  Take your awkward corner and transform it with a simple round table and a chair. One simple chair will do. Ensure to have books and/or flowers on the table at all times for an added touch of sweet décor.

Display Art

pictures in corner Trendy Ways to Decorate an Awkward Corner
Pictures are an excellent way of fixing an awkward corner. Fill the space with multiple different images that mean something to you or resemble your personality. Choose multiple different sizes for an intricate wall gallery.

There is nowhere better to display art in a home than an awkward corner. They are in a corner for a reason. Display similar images in the corner you wish to fill up and even add a chair for a cute addition that allows your guests to sit and admire each piece.

Curved Sofa

A sofa in front of a large window can do the trick that you seek. If the sofa is not curved then you can also use a love seat. Loveseats are larger then accent chairs, that makes them perfect for taking up just the right amount of space.

If the awkward space in your home happens to have a curvature adding a small sofa that takes up the space is a great way to fix that area. Consider adding a bright sofa that will add color and dimension without taking up much space. Or if the space is large contemplate create a second small living room.

Built-in Bookcase

A built-in bookcase adds character to any room it is placed in especially if it is in a corner space. Add books that attract your eye as it will cause you to want to read more often and make the space more personal to you. A stool in front of the bookcase is always a good idea as well. 

Depending on the size of your awkward corner you may be able to have a built-in bookcase. Built-in bookcases are great for fixing an awkward corner because of their size. The bigger the corner or the space is the bigger the bookcase can be. Bookcases are modern yet offer an interesting twist that can appear vintage depending on the color that they are. Consider painting your bookcase a bold color for an additional take on this trend.

Vintage Chest

Combine your vintage chest with a swing for a modern take on a vintage classic. You might also want to add other pieces such as a modern painting or a plant. You can even incorporate a mirror for an added touch. A small stool would also work well with this decor. 

If you have a narrow corner that you are unsure what exactly should be done in that space a vintage chest could be the answer. Paint it a bold shade of blue, yellow, or red to give it a bold twist. Or keep it a neutral tone for a touch of vintage that is still understated.


A modern lamp can be exactly what the space needs in order to upgrade the look. Add a bold chair or sofa to complete the look. You also may want to add a natural touch for the space so it can look put together but still effortless.

One of the best ways to decorate and elevate an awkward corner is by adding lighting. Awkward corners tend to create a shadow which causes them to be dark. Adding a unique light fixture to the space can make the corner seem less awkward and more part of the décor.

Cool Seating

An intricately shaped chair adds an extra layer of modern into the corn space. The more interesting the chair is the better it will appear and be. It can even become a conversation piece if you chose a chair that really catches the eye of other.

Add a cool chair to the area for an extended seating space that removes the awkward aspect of the awkward corner. When looking for the perfect chair to add to the corner or space, consider adding a bold, colorful chair or a chair in an interesting shape. You may even want to consider adding a stool.

Add a Bar

Your bar does not need to be a liquor bar. You can actually have any bar you would like such as a coffee bar, candy bar or even a breakfast bar. The idea is to create a bar that truly represents your favorite items in your home. Have a dark wood bar for an amazing contrast with your other furniture. 

Have you always wanted to have a bar in your home, but didn’t think you had the space needed for it? If this is the case, then your awkward corner is the answer. Awkward corners work exceptionally well for an added bar area. You can choose to have a small bar or a big bar it will truly depend on the size of the space. This will work exceptionally well if the awkward corner is in your kitchen space or near the kitchen or living room.

Make the Corner the Main Attraction

Your focal point can be a playing area for your kids or even a study space. The idea is to consume the space with items that add to your decor and brighten up the space while still being interesting to look at on its very own. Bold colors can help with that just like interesting patterns.

Having an awkward corner can cause you to struggle with how to decorate the entire room. Instead of trying to diminish the beauty of the corner make it the main focal point. You can choose to center your entire living room around it or even add a focal point such as a fireplace or coffee table.

Create a Reading Space

If you have windows in your awkward corner you can also create a reading nook by adding a seating bench. A seating bench is also a great idea because of the multiple things you can do with it. You can use it as a second seating area, exclusively as a reading area or as a piece of decoration. Add a pattern or bold accent cushions to complete the look.

If having a table in that space does not grab your attention transform the space into a reading nook instead. Reading nooks look and work well in multiple different areas in the home. They look good and comfortable which may prompt your guests to want to sit in this space instead.

Your homes, awkward corner does not need to be awkward it can actually be quite charming if you design it the proper way. Let us know which of these ideas you want to try at home in the comments below.


10 Furniture Pieces That Never Go Out of Style

Decorating a home is very personal to the homeowner. In fact, it is so personal that it is said that the way your home is decorated says a lot about you and your personality. Therefore, you want to have pieces of furniture that speak to you on a personal level. When it comes to finding furniture that will work well in any area of your home you want to use classic pieces that will not go out of trend. Having these staple pieces will make decorating around them a breeze. The following 10 furniture pieces are a staple in any area of the home as they never go out of style.

Statement Rug

A statement rug doesn’t have to have pattern instead you can choose a statement rug that is in a bold color. This will provide the same effect a patterned rug offers but in a more subtle form. You can also choose to add other pieces in the color for a cohesive look.

Statement rugs have been around for hundreds of years, especially oriental ones. Rugs are great to have in any space because of how easy they are to work with. A statement rug can make the space appear larger while still providing color and pattern.

Tufted Headboard

tufted headboard 10 Furniture Pieces That Never Go Out of Style
There is an elegance that comes with a tufted headboard. It is elegant and classic which makes it easy to pair with other furniture items such as a tufted ottoman. These paired together will give you the look you need to enhance the space. Consider also adding a chandelier for an added touch of elegance.

For a while headboard were not considered on trend. In fact, it was seen as a piece of furniture you did not need. However, a tufted headboard has always been a classic you should have. Its undeniable style and beauty has ensured this furniture piece remains a classic for many more years to come.

Trestle Table

Add blue chairs to your trestle table to create a coastal feel that makes the space seem more space while still providing color. It is simple yet very eye-catching. Pair it with an intricate lamp for an added touch of interest.

Trestle tables have always been a staple in a home as they actually originated from the medieval times. During the medieval times, trestle tables were considered the main dining table area. Now they are considered simple wooden tables that work perfectly in any space and with any chair color pairing.

Canopy Beds

There is something very regal about a canopy bed. It adds beauty and elegance anywhere it is placed and with any decor. Decorate it in light tones for a feminine feel or decorate it in darker for an edgy take on the canopy style.

Canopy beds were actually created with the idea of providing privacy and warmth. However, they have recently become the ideal bed for women as they have a feminine touch to them that is difficult to replicate. Adding curtains gives the bed a soft, romantic touch while leaving them bare gives the bedroom to work well with other furniture items and style be stylish.

Lounge Chair

Lounge chairs are not only wonderful for the living room space they work just as well in a bedroom space as well. Inf act, we think they work even better in the bedroom as they provide an additional seating area that is comfortable enough to lay down in.

Lounge chairs have been around for numerous different centuries. They originated in accent Egypt as they were considered daybed and let’s not forget the Greeks and Romans loved them too.  These chairs have proven over time that they are a must-have in any living room space. They also come in multiple different colors and aesthetics. Which makes adding them in the home a dream.

Clear Chairs

If you want to give your clear chairs an upgraded look consider adding cushions in a rich color. Doing so will create a contrast between the two creating an elegant upscale twist. Having a simple table attached to them will further enhance the appeal.

Clear dining tables or ghost chairs have always been a favorite and a classic. Add them to a dark wooden table for an interesting contrast. The contrast between the two will make the room appear larger as well as more expansive. This will work well in any room, especially a small dining room.

Built-in Furniture

Get creative with your built-in furniture to create the ultimate unique space that works best for you and your needs. A chalkboard wall incorporated is always an excellent idea as it is multifunctional and versatile to any space.

Built-in furniture is great for large rooms and spaces. However, the negative aspect is that built-in means there is no movability. This can be a turn off for many homeowners, but the truth is they are a classic piece of furniture. Built-in furniture works well in numerous different areas and gives the room character.

Accent Chair

You do not need to have one accent chair when you can actually have two. Two accent chairs will make a bigger impact in the space then one would. Consider having the chairs side by side or across from each other from a bigger impact.

Yes, its true accent chairs have been around for hundreds of years. They are a classic staple that will continue to be part of decorating a home for numerous more years. Accent chairs happen to be a favorite because of how well they can transform a space. Adding an accent chair can take any space from “boring” to “modern and trendy” very easily.

Platform Beds

Get a platform bed that is in a neutral color this will allow you to fill the room with other furniture of multiple colors. Or you can choose to keep the entire room neutral for a softer palette that is easy to change whenever you desire.

If you are not a fan of canopy beds there is always the option of having a platform bed. Platform beds were essentially one of the very first forms of bed designs. So much so that by definition they are believed to be a mattress sitting on a raised platform. Platform beds, work great because of how simple they are. What this means is decorating around them does not take much effort.

Tulip Table

Tulip tables are great additions to awkward corners because they take up the space nicely while giving the corner purpose. Pair it with neutral chairs for an effortless appeal that flows in the space very well. Ensure the chairs are simple. 

Tulip tables have been known for being the perfect table that does not interfere with your seating arrangements as there aren’t any legs on the table per say. The table is designed as an upside-down tulip. Which means it can be paired with numerous different chairs of multiple different styles and colors. Its versatility is endless.

If you happen to have any of these pieces in your home already let us know which other class furniture piece you are interested in incorporating in the comments below.


12 Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideas That Simply Work!

When we think of mid-century décor most of immediately think of classic and elegant. However, not everyone wants to have a fully mid-century decorated home. If you are not sure if you want to go down the road of immersing yourself in the mid-century decorative style consider the mid-century modern lighting style instead. There is something about mid-century modern lighting that is very chic yet trendy, and elegant all at once. Light your home with one of these lighting ideas for the ultimate twist. Here are 12 you should take into perspective.

Tinted Pendants

The great aspect about tinted pendants is that they come in multiple different shades as well as shapes. You can add multiple different tinted pendants in intricate shapes to give your kitchen a modern yet mid-century twist. Consider using darker shades if your kitchen is filled with light tones for a bold statement. 

Pendants have pretty much taken over modern lighting. However, they have become even trendier by being tinted. Tinted pendants provide a tint of color while still being great light fixtures. Choose neutral tones when it comes to the tint on your pendants as it will help maintain the beauty of your current décor.

Small Glam Pendants

glam pendants 12 Mid Century Modern Lighting Ideas That Simply Work!
A glam pendant can be located anywhere in the home for an upscale look. It is also a great way to add a metallic touch. Metallics are very much on trend which is why you may want to incorporate them into your decor space. Consider a small pendant as it will be easy to have and a more mid-century feel than a larger one.

Just like tinted pendants are always a good idea, glamourous pendants are as well. Adding a hint of glamour to any room is always a good idea, especially when it is done through lighting fixtures. A glamorous fixture will give the room a vintage touch that is also elegant. It’s an all-around good idea to have a glam pendant in any room.

Chrome Chandelier

Chrome chandeliers are ideal because they add a modern twist anywhere they are placed. You can place it in the breakfast area, kitchen, bedroom and/or office to transform the space from a regular everyday space to an upscale more modern living space. Chrome also makes the room appear larger and even more expansive. 

Chrome chandeliers are not as popular because they can be a bit difficult to decorate with. The reason being they’re such a statement piece that other items in a room may not seem like enough. In order to decorate well with these, you want to have a few mirrors in the room to add to the chrome effect of the chandelier.

Modern Chandelier

A modern chandelier comes in multiple different shapes, sizes, and even colors. They give any room an upscale vibe that can make you feel as if you have entered a new and different space in your home even if all you changed from your decor is your chandelier. Choose a bright, bold color or even shade of white for a pop of color. 

Modern seems like the last word you may associate with chandeliers. However, modern chandeliers are a thing and they are extremely on trend.  Modern chandeliers are great for any space because of how interesting they are to look at. There is something very intriguing about looking up into a room and noticing a modern chandelier in the space.

Modern Floor Lamp

Just like modern chandeliers come in multiple different sizes, colors, and textures modern floor lamps do as well. If you really want a modern look choose a floor lamp that is made out of wood. Wooden floor lamps not only give an edge but they add a natural feel that stands out.

Floor lamps are not as popular as they used to be. However, when it comes to mid-century light fixture décor they are everything you need and more. Pair your modern floor lamp with a bold wallpaper and/or bold wall color for the ultimate mid-century appeal.

Metallic Scones

Scones are fun because they can be placed anywhere on the walls of your home. Metallic scones add a bold accent. However, if you do not want to have fully metallic scones you can always choose scones that have a metallic base. Scones that have a metallic base provide the color yet are less bold then fully metallic scones are.

Scones are typically custom to the home. What we mean by that is that many homeowners who do have scones prefer for them to be in one specific area and in one specific color. Instead, we recommend having metallic scones. Metallic scones add a metallic twist on a traditional look which is where the mid-century trend comes into play. Metallic scones add a little something extra to the room.

Silver Spheres

Silver spheres are modern yet mid-century, and contemporary all at the same time which makes them ideal for creating a fun visual into the space. You can also choose to have more than one silver sphere as they look great when there are two or more in a room. It just looks more cohesive which is always nice to have.

If you have a neutral kitchen and want to keep it that way by not adding much color with your lighting, choosing a silver lighting fixture is the way to go. Add silver spheres to your kitchen for a mid-century upgrade that will enhance your space. It will also great a focal point in a neutral area without adding color.

Sleek and Minimal

Sleek and minimal does not mean boring. You can have a floor minimal lamp in an intricate shape. This will add a hint of boldness to the lamp that will work great in any neutral or patterned space. Consider having a minimal lamp in front of a bold wall this will bring out the vibrancy of the lamp.

One characteristic that defines mid-century décor is sleeker décor. A sleek and minimal light fixture may be exactly what you need in your space. A simple floor lamp can make a huge difference in a subtle way. In a room full of color and/or pattern a sleek, light fixture is the way to go.


If you do not find a structured lamp that fits your space. You can pretty much create structure with any lighting fixture you have. Purchase two identical light fixtures and place them a few inches away from each other to create a structured feel. This can be done in any area of the home. It works exceptionally well in the kitchen. 

In a modern space, there may be little to no structure. However, if you want to add structure a structured lamp can help you do just that. The idea of adding structured lamp may seem intimidating. But, when it is done correctly, it can add sharpness to the room it is placed in.

Floor Globe

Globe lights are great because they can be placed in multiple different spaces in the home and that includes your bedroom side tables. You do not have to maintain them on the floor if you choose not to.  Because of their portability, many individuals choose to have multiple different ones in the home including numerous different colored ones as well. 

Yes, you read that correctly, we recommend and love the idea of adding a floor globe to your bedroom as a lighting fixture. How fun would it be to turn off all your lights and be left with a glass globe that emphasizes the beauty of the room? Not only does a floor globe looks great during the day when it is off, it looks even better at night. You can choose to have it on the floor or even on top of your nightstand.

Busting Pendant

The intricacy of a busting pendant is one of a kind. They work extremely well in a small space such as a dining table. The reason they work so well in this space is because this space of the home tends to be simple. A simple space paired with a bold pendant creates a touch of character to a monotone room. 

Bursting pendants add personality and are loads of fun. If you have a space that needs to be spruced up adding a bursting pendant will brighten up a room while giving it character. Bursting pendants can also be customized which works great when you want to take this kind of aesthetics a step further and create the ultimate piece for your specific living space.

Classic Chandelier

A classic chandelier adds a hint of class to any room decor. The beauty of a classic chandelier will help create a beautiful setting that is elegant all while pulling the entire look together. Add a classic chandelier to a dining space or even to your kitchen when you want that little bit of a feminine touch.

No matter the season, the time, or the century chandeliers will always remain a classic piece that can be incorporated into any area of a home. Especially if you have a space that is missing a little something extra to make it come alive. A classic chandelier will do just that while still being a statement piece.

Mid-century décor happens to be one of the best classic looks of all times, especially when it comes to their light fixtures. Let us know in the comments below which light fixture you would consider having in your home.


Home Fall Outdoor Trends That We Are Loving

Fall is the perfect season to decorate the outside and inside of your home. In fact, some may even argue that it is the best season to decorate the outside of your home because of the endless amount of options and trends available. This fall season is no exception! We have noticed multiple different outdoor trends that are making a huge impact this season. Here are some of our favorites that we are loving and we think you should incorporate into your home décor today.

Create an Impact

Creating an impact does not need to be as challenging as you may think in all perspective it is quite easy. Color is the ultimate way to do so. Choose different plants that work well with your wreaths if you decide to have one. You may even want to consider adding pumpkins for a bright addition.

Creating an impact with your décor in the fall is not a difficult task because of the many different colors and décor options that are available. However, for your outdoor space, you want to create an impact with bold and colorful fruit, flowers and leaves. Color is huge this fall season so you want to have bold yellows, reds, oranges, and even brown shades in as many places as possible.

Cozy Seating

cozy seating Home Fall Outdoor Trends That We Are Loving
Comfortable and cozy seating is one of the best ways of having guests and even yourself to want to sit outdoors. Adding an outdoor swing is an excellent way of getting the most out of your outdoor space. It brings beauty as well as childhood nostagia all at once. If you want to be bold and bring more of the inside feel outdoors add a rug.

When setting up your outdoor space think about cozy seating. You want to create a space that makes you want to stop and sit. Set up your furniture in a way that it evokes your guests and even yourself to want to sit outside more often. This can be done by using comfortable chairs, and an accent table. You may also want to incorporate a blanket or two for the crisp fall air.

Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs come in multiple different colors and even styles. However, if you want to add an extra layer of comfort as well as beauty add a few throw pillows in a multitude of patterns. Doing so will give you beauty, comfort, and boldness which is great when you want to revamp and upgrade the look and feel of your outdoor space. 

Rocking chairs have always been a fall favorite in our opinion, but this year they are actually on trend. Create a nostalgic feel by having rocking chairs become a part of your outdoor space. Add decorative pillows to the rocking chair for an added comfort bonus.

Choose a Theme

The best part about having a theme is that you have the ability to unleash your creativity. The more creative you get the better it will be for your creative space. Consider using multiple different elements to achieve the perfect look for you including lights. You want to add different lights to create a bold appeal. 

Choosing a theme for your outdoor space may not seem like the easiest thing to do because of how many options there actually are. However, choosing a definitive theme could your outdoor space seem more cohesive. When selecting your theme of choice, consider the color scheme you want to use. Do you want to be bold and festive? Or soft and neutral?


The color orange comes in multiple different shades from bold and bright to muted and rich. This is excellent because it gives you lots of room to work with. You can add different patterns as well for a bold take on the trend. Consider having small pieces in orange as well such as flowers, table items and even a few pumpkins here and there.

You can never go wrong using orange in your fall décor. The color orange itself screams fall and Halloween. Therefore, incorporating it is pretty much a must. However, there’re so many different shades of orange you will have no problem selecting the shade that works best for you.

Add Color with Furniture

Pops of color are great to add on the outside and inside of your home. This is especially true when it comes to using bold and bright tones such as orange. Instead of having your typical neutral tone chairs to match your neutral tone table add bold chairs that make a statement.

When it comes to adding color, colorful furniture is your best friend. Colorful furniture may not be as popular, but it is an excellent option and a huge trend this fall. In fact, more and more homeowners are loving the idea of having colorful pieces that bring the entire fall feel together. Add a few colorful chairs and/or accent tables to enhance what you already have or to give your outdoor space a completely new look.

Bring the Inside Outdoors

Take indoor items and bring them outdoors for a cozy outdoor upgrade. Use multiple different elements to enrich the space such as blankets, pillows, and even an accent table. Add lighting for an intimate feel that is an extension of the inside of your home. 

Take your cute indoor fall décor display and create the same feel outdoors. It is very on trend this season to bring your indoor décor outdoors. The idea is to have the same cozy feel that you have inside outdoors. You may want to add a seating bench with a few throw pillows or even have outdoor lighting for a warmer take on this trend.

Rustic is Very In

A rustic feel is one of the very best ways to add fall vibes to your outdoor space. It is easy to incorporate and looks great paired with multiple different decorations including fall essential pieces. Add little hints of Halloween here and there for an interesting twist. 

Rustic is always one of those classic trends that seems to never fully go away and this season is no exception. Add in rustic friendly décor pieces to give your outdoor space a hint of rustic feel without going overboard. We recommend adding pieces that are fun and scream rustic while still being simple and easy to pair with other decorative pieces.

Halloween Home

Halloween is the epitome of fall. The crisp air and changing leaves create the ultimate space for Halloween decor. Add the traditional colors such as black, purple, and orange for the ultimate Halloween feel. You can add pumpkins, candles, and even gory decor that will make the ultimate Halloween adventure right in your outdoor space.

When in doubt, add Halloween into the mix. However, not just any Halloween décor will do. You want to add bold and spooky decorative pieces that scream Halloween. The idea is to bring the Halloween feel right to your home. The spookier it is, the better.

How about White?

White is classy, elegant, and can be traditional when it is done properly. Take your pumpkins and paint them white for an elegant twist to a fall tradition. You can also consider flowers that are in season for an added touch of freshness while still being very fall like.

White can sometimes be considered an additional color. However, when it is done properly, it can become the IT color and that is the case for this season. This may be a bit difficult to do as fall is filled with rich and bold colors. However, you can always consider painting pumpkins, white or even having small furniture items painted white as well.

Fall is here and we couldn’t be more excited about this season’s décor trends. Let us know in the comments below which trend you want to use in your home.


How to Incorporate the Latest Trend Velvet Into Your Home

This season the hottest and latest trend happens to be velvet. Velvet has come a very long way and is now becoming one of this years must have décor item for the home. The good news when it comes to the velvet trend is that it is quite easy to incorporate into any area of your home. In fact, velvet comes in multiple different colors and textures which makes it exceptionally versatile. Another great aspect of velvet is that it adds a touch of regal elegance anywhere it is placed. The following are a few ways you can incorporate velvet into your home.

Statement Couch

If you really want to make your velvet couch the main attraction in your living room opt for a couch that has some sort of detail and texture. Having a little bit extra detail and texture makes a huge difference in how attractive your couch appears and how bold it seems.

We love a big and bold statement couch. In fact, we love the idea so much we think there should be a bold couch in every room. But, adding a statement couch in velvet takes it to the next level. Opting for a large piece of velvet such as a couch makes the trend stand out from the rest of your décor. With that being said choose a jewel tone velvet sofa for the ultimate complimentary piece. Jewel tone also happens to be on trend this season so it’s a win-win situation.

Velvet Throw Pillows

velvet throw pillows How to Incorporate the Latest Trend Velvet Into Your Home
The great thing about velvet pillows is that you can mix and match with other colors and textures. Although velvet is considered a texture it is very understated which makes it easy to work with than most other pattern and textures.

For those who enjoy a minimalistic approach when it comes to their décor, you can also incorporate the velvet trend in your current décor. The way to go about this is by throwing in a few throw pillows into the mix. A throw pillow mixed with an otherwise minimal décor will have a huge impact in a small dose.

Velvet Chair

Velvet accent chairs do not need to be in a bold color to make a huge impact. In fact, having accent chairs that are velvet can make the impact on its own. However, if you want to go the extra mile have accent chairs in a bold color that are also velvet. It takes the velvet trend to a whole new level.

If you want to make a regal impact without using a large piece such as a statement couch or a small piece like a throw pillow a velvet chair is a way to go. Choose a light color or a rich jewel tone shade for your velvet chair. Doing so will enhance the décor you a ready have while adding a hint of something elegant into the mix.

Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains are a huge statement piece they standout from the crowd and give the room an elevated take. Use dark tones such as deep grays and blues for a bold look or neutrals for a softer appeal. Consider revolving your entire decor around the beauty of your velvet curtains.

You do not need to be part of the royal family in order to have velvet curtains. Velvet curtains are great as they draw out light while adding a bold yet sophisticated look in the room. Even a contemporary styled room can look amazing with velvet curtains.

Vanity Time

If you have a neutral vanity adding a pop of color is actually easy. Why not add a pop of color and incorporate the velvet trend all at once? Add a velvet comfy chair to your vanity for an added enhanced space. Use a deep jewel tone for the best results. 

Your vanity could also use a touch of velvet. Velvet is not only regal to look at it is also excellent to sit on. It looks good and it feels even better. Add a velvet chair to your vanity space for an added hint of beauty in an already beautiful space.

Upgrade Your Headboard

A textured headboard is a way to go. Texture will add to the customization of the room it also adds personality as well. Choose neutral colors for your headboard as it will be a lot easier to decorate around it. It will also make the room stand out. 

Another trend that is taking over is upholstered headboards. They are soft and easy to decorate around and they make a statement every single time they are used. Even as a neutral velvet can make a big impact in a room. Make your headboard the focal point in your room by transforming it into a velvet masterpiece.

Dining Table Galore

Dining chairs add a royal touch to any simple wooden table. There is an elevated elegance to having velvet chairs. In fact, you can choose to have multiple different shades of velvet for a modern twist that you will love. 

The last place you may consider adding velvet is your dining room. However, this may be the exact place you want to add velvet to because of how bold it is.  Velvet is bold and fun, but it is also elegant and classy. Add velvet chairs to a simple wooden table for a rich upgrade.

Add to Your Bedding

There is something very beautiful and soft, about having velvet bedding in your home. Choose to have a simple blanket or an entire bed with velvet sheets the options are endless. You can even have velvet pillow cases as well.

Adding velvet to your bedding is not only very cozy and warm, but it is also sexy. There is something very inviting about having a velvet blanket on the bed or even velvet bed sheets. If you do not want to completely add a velvet item, add a velvet pillowcase into the mix and see how you like it.

Velvet Walls

If velvet walls may seem like a bit too much you may want to consider a velvet accent wall. This can be done by using crushed velvet panels thats placed on the wall to give the upholstered effect you seek. Doing so will give the powerful effect you seek while still being part of your decor ina bold manner.

Nothing screams velvet trend galore, then having a velvet wall. Velvet walls add a layer of texture that cannot be duplicated. This is the most contemporary form of adding velvet into your décor as it is a very bold move. However, you can have velvet walls in numerous different colors and still get the same impact. Choose a neutral for a softer take on the trend or choose a bold color instead.

Velvet Stools

Velvet stools are great in any area of a home, especially in the bedroom space. Instead of having one velvet stool consider having two to add to the seating area in your bedroom. The bedroom barely has any seating areas. Therefore, having two stools can make the difference you need.

Stools are great because of how versatile they are. You can have a stool in your kitchen island or you can have a stool in your bedroom or living room. They truly work well in any area they are placed in. Therefore, having a velvet stool can be the trick you need to add the velvet trend into your décor.

Although you may be hesitant to add a velvet piece in your home. Consider one or more of these options and let us know below which one is your favorite.


10 Ways to Spruce Your Outdoor Space With Paint

It is finally time to spruce up your tired wooden deck. There are actually multiple different ways to spruce up your deck, you can change your furniture and give it a lively new look or you can use paint. Paint is the modern way to spruce up your outdoor space without having to change much of the décor you already have. Here are 10 ways you can spruce your outdoor living space using paint.

One Solid Color

Add a mixture of other bold colors for a great contrast that is modern and contemporary. Doing so will give you a fun atmosphere that is easy to decorate. Consider having lighter wooden furniture for the best results.

Take a flat finish paint and go to town. When you have a wooden deck, there are multiple different options for you to choose from when it comes to adding color with paint. Paint the floor and ceiling one matching color for the best outcome. Consider using a pastel blue, pink or even yellow for the best results.

Sage Green

sage colors 10 Ways to Spruce Your Outdoor Space With Paint
Sage comes in multiple different shades. It’s actually softer than the color black but richer than the color brown which means it works well with all colors and will make the deck area appear larger.

Speaking of color if you are looking to create a relaxing atmosphere that will go well with nature use a sage green. Sage green is soft yet intricate and even a little bit underestimated. This color works well when it is paired outdoors with wooden furniture. The trees will also help the color look its best as it will bring out the green hues in it.

Painted “Rug”

Your painted rug should be bold and bright. Consider having colors that add to the space and decor you already have. If you have neutral tone decor a bold color such as orange, red and/or even yellow. These colors add a freshness to the room for every season.

Outdoor rugs are great as you can easily sweep away the dirt or hose it down. However, if you do not want to add an outdoor rug to your outdoor space paint one instead. A painted rug adds the beauty of contrast, while still being easy to manage. Select a bold color that will stand out from your décor for the full “rug” effect.

Colorful Stairs

If you do not want to add a bold aspect t your deck area. Consider painting parts of your deck white and then adding lights. Having good lighting is always a good idea especially if you are outdoors. Your deck will look and feel like a magical escape.

Most outdoor spaces have stairs and most of them are wooden and tarnished. Give them a completely new upgrade by painting them a fun color combination. This is also an excellent way of adding color to your outdoor space.

Geometric Pattern

Geometric patterns are bold and in your face. Therefore, you want to use neutral tone furniture in the space. Doing so allows the pattern to be the main focus which is exactly what you want when you use a geometric pattern.

Thinking of going bold? If so adding a geometric pattern to your deck flooring is the way to go. Patterns work well for adding a touch of boldness and color. Make sure your geometric pattern is drawn in powerful colors. This will add a modern yet eccentric twist to your outdoor space.

Repaint Your Back Door

A bold backdoor is always a good idea especially if the space you are designing has other bold colors. Ensure your backdoor matches the rest of your decor so it will appear cohesive and put together.

The first thing people see when they are entering your outdoor space is your back and front doors. If you have a backdoor that leads to your outdoor space contemplate repainting it. Repainting your back door will update your outdoor look. Use a bold color such as red for a bold twist. Consider using the same bold color you have on the door as part of your décor by incorporating pieces that mesh well together.

Dress up Your Old Fence

It’s your fence so you can get creative. Paint your fence anyway you enjoy this will add a custom flair to your outdoor space. If you do not want to add color add shapes or an interesting design that is visually appealing. 

Fences can look and feel old very quickly. They go through a lot. From rain to snow and even a hit from a ball here and there. Therefore, they may need to be spruced up as well. Paint them a bold and bright color or even add a pattern. It will look like an amazing hand-painted artwork once you are done.

Accent Wall

An accent wall can add privacy which is always great when you are working with an outdoor space. Painting your accent color a bold tone will help bring the indoors outdoors. This is a great technique to keep in mind. You want your outdoor space to look and feel like a connection of your indoor space.

Just like you would paint one wall a distinctive color on the inside of your home. You can do the same on the outside. Accent walls are great because they add color without being overpowering. An accent wall is a strong statement of color while still allowing you to coordinate the furniture to your color liking.

Spray Paint your Table

If you do not want to spray paint your table consider spray painting a bench. Outdoor benches are great as they are easy to use and update as often as you would like. The idea is to spruce up your furniture as well. Use 2 coats of paint for the best results.

The great thing about having a wooden table in your outdoor space is that you can paint it any color you like. In order for this to work you want to have a wooden table in a light shade of wood. The lighter the wood is, the easier it will be for you to be able to spray paint it into a bold color that works for your outdoor space.

Mix and Match Colors

When it comes to mixing and matching colors you may want to stay in the same color scheme this allows you to get creative with different patterns. Pattern is always a good idea even painted on your deck.

When you are thinking of what colors to paint your outdoor space contemplate using more than one color. Using more than one color adds to the modern concept for your outdoor space. You want to incorporate colors that work well together or even the same tone of color in different shades.

Changing the color of your outdoor space may be exactly what your home needs to feel new again. A little bit of paint can give you the vibrancy and modern look you seek. Let us know how you will be enhancing your outdoor space with paint in the comments below.


Trendy Ideas for Small Living Room Space

Your living room regardless of the space should feel inviting and welcoming to your guests. Nevertheless, having a small living room space can make you feel as if you do not have the space you need to decorate it the way you would like. We happen to disagree! Even if you have a small living room space you can great the perfect room for you and your needs. Here are trendy ideas for your small living room that you will make it look and feel more spacious.

Use Neutral Colors

When we think of neutral tone we may think of “boring or very conventional”. However, neutral tones can also be fun when you add stripes or even pastel soft tones. Adding pastel colors will bring out the softness that neutral tones naturally have. 

As much as we love bold pieces in a room, having a neutral palette works best in a small space. The reason behind this is neutral colors bring light and attract light. A décor palette of whites, off-whites, and beige, will bounce off from the wall and give an expanding effect.

Long, Flowy Drapes Are Best

neutral tone curtains Trendy Ideas for Small Living Room Space
Neutral drapes are an excellent addition to any room especially if they have a pattern. A pattern on a neutral canvas brings out the beauty that there is in the space. You can even have multiple different types of pattern in the room especially if they are neutral.

Long, flowy drapes have come back on trend and we should take advantage. Having blinds can take up space and make the room appear dull or dark. Replace them with long, flowy drapes instead. Long drapes that are flowy help elongate and expand the size of a room instantly. It also draws outward attention which is also a way to make the room appear larger. Purchase drapes that have a print or are patterned for the best outcome.

Pattern Rug

In a small living room, a patterned rug can bring visual appeal to the room without having to add another furniture item into the room. Consider having a patterned rug in a neutral tone as it will be easier to pair in the space. It will also help make the room appear larger as your eyes will focus outward instead of inward.

Adding pattern may seem like the contrary thing to do, as the pattern is known for being a bold and even distracting, which can cause the space to appear smaller but it’s quite the opposite. Having a patterned rug can bring life into a neutral space. Not only that, but it will make the space feel warm and personable while still having visual appeal. The visual appeal can make the room appear larger.

Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors add to the space instead which is perfect when you are working with a small living room. Having mirrors in different sizes makes the room appear not only larger but also interesting as the mirrors have now become a unique design.

We have expressed time and time again the beauty of having mirrors in a home. They are essential in any space that needs to look larger. Mirrors bring light and light makes a room appear twice its size with a small living room this is exactly what you want. Add mirrors in dark corners to remove shadows.

Lightweight Furniture

A small space does not mean you can not have the furniture you desire it means you need to be smart about what you have. Having one large sofa instead of having multiple different sofas is best. Also, consider having your sofas face your window for a unique twist.

When you are shopping for furniture for your small living room space, consider the weight of your furniture. What this means is you want to keep in mind the size, color, and feel of the furniture you purchase. The smaller your living room space is the more lightweight you want your furniture to be. Consider having furniture that makes the room feel warm yet not cluttered. You do not want any clutter in a small room this will cause the room to feel smaller.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are great in a small bedroom as they give a hint of color without being overbearing. They are also excellent when you want to bring visual appeal to a small room and still have the softness and elegance of having a neutral space.

If you want to add color into your small living space pastel tones is the best way to go. They add color without being overwhelming. Not only that, but they work well with light tones as well as dark and rich colors. Add pastel pink, blue, or even yellow for a pop of color that’s soft and elegant.

Glass Coffee Table

Glass tables are great they are lightweight and help expand the space. They also work best in a room where they get to be the main attraction in the room. Pair it with soft tones for a soft look without an edge. To add an edgy feel pair your glass table with dark tones for the best results.

Coffee tables are pretty much necessary for every living room they add an extra layer of furniture while still being a necessity. Glass coffee tables will be less visual than wooden ones which will make the space look wider and richer without the dark tones of wood. This creates a full rounded look by simply using a glass piece of furniture.

Lots of Lights

Lighting in a small room can make a huge difference. You can choose an intricate chandelier or even a visual light fixture that gives the room not only amazing lighting but an edgy feel as well. There is something very modern about having a light fixture that is out of the norm.

Lighting is important in any room that you are decorating. The least amount of lights you use the darker and warmer the room will feel. With a small space, you want to have as much lighting as possible in order to create a space that’s airy. The creation of an airy space helps make the room feel bigger than it is.

Wall Artwork

You can choose to have one small piece or even one very large piece in your living room. Or consider having different pieces placed on a wall in your living room that needs that visual appeal you seek.

Including artwork on your walls helps turn the focus onto the walls of a room instead of focusing on the size of the room. Think about the wall artwork as the focal points of the room. You want to incorporate medium to large pieces. Having these pieces will help make the room feel larger and more spacey.

Accent Chair

Accent chairs are meant to be bold. Their job is to bring in color and add a layer of freshness to any room which is why we love them. We love the idea of having a chair that will bring the entire look together. Add a pattern cushion to complete the look.

Having a bold accent chair will also provide the room with an expansive feel. Accent chairs are known for drawing attention towards them in a small space this will be a very positive feature. Have the accent chair near your neutral sofa for an unbeatable contrast.

Having a small space does not mean you cannot have the decorative pieces you have always wanted. It simply means you need to adjust how these pieces are laid out. How will you be decorating your small living room? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.


10 Chic Ways to Incorporate Marble Into Your Home

In recent years marble has become a huge trend. Homeowners are looking at marble like the next accent piece they need instead of the cold stone material it was once considered. However, the key to achieving the perfect form of marble is decorating with it in small doses. In this case, less is definitely more. You do not want to surround an entire space with marble alone. Instead of having the entire space filled with marble have selected pieces that bring your décor back to life. Here are chic ways to incorporate marble into your home.

Backsplash in Your Kitchen

A kitchen backsplash is ideal when you want to give your kitchen a boost of personality. It is also a great way to add color or texture in the kitchen space. Marble is ideal because of how easy it is to clean. Therefore, if you were to splash anything that would land on the backsplash it can easily be wiped off.

Let’s face it marble looks great anywhere it is placed. It gives any room an elevated, elegance that is difficult to recreate. One of the best areas to incorporate marble in is your kitchen. Your kitchen backsplash may be in need of an upgrade and what better way to upgrade the look than to have a marble backsplash. A huge benefit of having marble as part of your kitchen décor is that is extremely easy to clean.


marble flooring 10 Chic Ways to Incorporate Marble Into Your Home
Marble flooring is shiny which adds an extra layer of sophistication to any room. It is also easy to maintain and looks beautiful when it is paired with neutral tones that enhance the space.

Marble floors are easy to clean and maintain which gives them the appeal that they have. They are also excellent for warmer areas as they have a cooling effect any place they are placed in. Marble floors work well in living rooms, bedrooms, and larger spaces as this stone has the ability to not absorb any heat. Therefore, cooling the space naturally.

Marble Furniture

A marble dining table is not common but it sure is a beautiful asset to the home. Pair it with a soft rug underneath that is neutral to bring the entire focus to the space. There is an extra layer of elegance added to your dining room with a dining table. 

The furniture you have in your home is an exact representation of your personality. Therefore, you want to choose your furniture wisely. Marble furniture exuberates strength, beauty, and elegance. The great aspect about marble furniture is that it goes well with any décor you have or are considering having.

Marble Stairs

The great aspect about marble is that it can be placed together with more marble and it still looks unbelievable. It brightens up any room that it is placed and makes any room appear larger. Add a chandelier in your foyer area for an elevated decor. 

Marble stairs are not common in the home as they are considered extremely heavy. However, when combined with wood, marble stairs make all the difference. They add elegance while still being extremely sturdy. Add materials such as wood and/or steel and combine it with marble for the elegant appeal that is lightweight yet stable.


There is an expanding feature about having identical items in a room. Add it onto a mirrored area for the ultimate upgrade. Although they are not the easiest to come across marble lamps have a huge advantage.

Although they are not the easiest to come across marble lamps have a huge advantage from other lamps. The advantage being they defuse and expand light so that the brightness reaches farther wherever they are placed. Furthermore, they have an ability to brighten an entire room without the need of using multiple different lamps.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertop islands are extremely modern to have in the home. It can double as a cutting space or as a breakfast bar which is always nice. Having multifunction spaces in your kitchen is a plus. Pair it with neutral stools for the ultimate bar feel. 

Perhaps one of the most known as well uses for marble has always been kitchen countertops. However, the unique and intricate lines that marble is known for creating an undeniable visual appeal that is perfect for the kitchen. Not only is marble white and versatile, but it is also cold, which is perfect if you enjoy baking and kneading bread on your countertop.

Bathroom Accessories

Marble comes in multiple different patterns. In fact, not one marble stone is ever like the other. You can purchase one marble slate from the same place and the pattern will still be different. Therefore, different rooms with marble will never appear the same. 

You can use marble in multiple different places such as the sink counter, toilet, walls, tubs, and even floors. A touch of marble can spruce up and brighten up any dull or boring bathroom. Not only is marble an excellent way to enhance your bathroom space, but it is great because soap scum does not stick to it making it easy to clean.

Marble Wall

A marble wall is an excellent option for a focal wall. Instead, of having multiple different marble pieces a marble wall can make the difference you need to reawaken the room.

Just like marble stairs look beautiful in a home once they are combined and stabilized by wood or steel marble walls have the same effect. The earthiness of the wood combined with the shinier luxurious feel of marble creates the perfect combination in any space. Install a marble wall in the home to break down and add elegance to an area that may seem over cluttered or dull.

Coffee Table

A simple coffee table with marble accents can make the difference you need in your living room. Consider having wood become part of your coffee table as wood and marble work perfectly well together. The natural element combined with the smoothness of the marble will look beautiful in the room.

Let’s, not forget your living room can sure use a hint of marble in a bold yet bright type of way. The coffee table you select to have in your living room space can make all the difference in the way the space is portrayed. Adding a marble table is simple yet elegant. Keep the rest of the living room, neutral to truly create a focus around your marble coffee table.

Warm Up the Space

Dark marble is not as popular as it used to be but it is still gorgeous to have. It is also an excellent way to add marble into your space without it having to be white. If white marble is not your thing then dark marble is the way to go.

We are all typically accustomed to the white shade of marble. However, warmer shades of marble can be exactly what your space needs for a warmer appeal. Warmer shades of marble are excellent to have in the bathroom as they bring a different twist that white marble would not easily create.

Marble doesn’t have to be a show-stopper instead it can be one of the main attractions your home has to offer. Plus lets, not forget marble can double up as artwork as well. In which form are you incorporating marble into your home?


15 Magical Pocket Doors For Your Small Space

Pocket doors are the perfect addition to homes that don’t have a lot of extra space and want an extra bit of whimsy built right into its foundation. With a sliding frame and a “disappearing” effect when its completely closed, when you don’t have the room for a swinging hinge then you go with this magical design. Check out these 15 pocket door perfect for your smaller home and let us know what you think!

The Contemporist starts off our pocket door journey with this contemporary design. It’s chic and has a bit of an industrial vibe with its distressed metal. It’s a beautiful divider between a master bedroom and bathroom – keeping with the lightness and modern quality of the space.

black framed pocket doors 15 Magical Pocket Doors For Your Small Space

A personal favorite of the bunch, these glass, window-paned designs from Walking on Wood are gorgeous. They keep with the open design of this modern home but they add division and aesthetic to it as well. This is a great option for studio spaces when you want to section off a formal dining room from the kitchen and living room.

You can even create chic, pocket doors for closets. These are especially nice when your bedroom doesn’t provide enough space for the swinging hinges of traditional doors. Take this white, simple design from Cose di Casa for example, contemporary and subtle!

Even though the door essentially “disappears” once it’s completely closed – when fitting into the “pocket” – you can still tell it’s there depending on the style or route you take. Take this wooden piece that we’ve already gushed about on Trendir before, for example. We love the contrast between the wood grain and the white walls.

Check out this sliding pocket door from Remodelaholic! This is another great example of how these pieces work well in spaces that don’t have a lot of openness. Use this to provide privacy to a bedroom’s bathroom instead of adding a swinging door that takes up to much space.

One of the most simple of designs on the list was found on Pinterest. If you’re more of a minimalist, then this “hidden” pocket door will be right up your alley. It’s clean, it’s chic and provides a true, no-fuss finish.

Check out these stunning home office doors we found over at Decoist. You can even go with a double pocket door design and go with a sturdier, more grandiose vision like you see here in this masculine, escape. With the rich hardware and wooden foundation, there’s definitely a more luxurious feel here.

Fox Hollow Cottage provided us with a beautiful, vintage-inspired design option that we love. Delicate hardware and textured doors, it’s a lovely way to section off dining rooms or formal sitting areas. You could even paint these in pastels for an extra bout of personality and charm.

Here’s another wooden, textured design that we’re loving from Interiors by Studio M. It’s a great addition to a kitchen that combines both farmhouse qualities with contemporary style. And pocket doors are great ways to divide kitchens and sun rooms – just like you see here.

Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival showcased another vintage-inspired treat and this time it includes stained glass panes. These fit well inside older homes with taller ceilings. Whether it’s your home office or library, there’s something very “Beauty and the Beast” in spirit about this design.

Of course, you could always take a YouTube tour and be inspired by this traditional, family-style home. It’s those office doors that delight us here though. Windowed but with enough function to give privacy, it’s a gorgeous addition to a room that feeds off of natural light and openness.

We’re swooning for this orange-dipped pocket door found over at House of Turquoise. It can easily be hidden away but it provides the right pop of color when it comes out to play. These bright tones are great for playrooms, home offices or even bathrooms!

A high-gloss design works well for more modern homes as well. This find from Pinterest was perfect enough to be featured not only because of its great example of what a pocket door is exactly but it shows how easy it is to add to a bathroom/bedroom combination and nix the bulk of traditional doors.

Here’s another simple, white design that we’re loving. This time brought to us by Fancy Decors, we see it playing a role in a romantic, vintage-inspired space full of creamy whites and textures. There’s something quite elegant about this particular door addition as well.

And, finally, we leave you off with another double door idea found on Doorway. For larger entryways, go with two pocket doors that meet in the middle. This particular design is chic and modern for our contemporary-style lovers.